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How To Install 3W Under Cabinet LED Lighting


THANK YOU for buying Lighting EVER 3w under cabinet lighting. To help ensure it gives complete satisfaction, please installs it according to these instructions and then pass the instructions to the appropriate person for retention and future reference.


Read all instructions before installation. Save these instructions.


  • Ensure power turned off before wiring and installing the fixture and power supply unit.
  • Please ensure this fixture is intact before installation.
  • This fixture can only be dissembled by an approved electrician.
  • The fixture can only function normally on the voltage indicated on the package.
  • For your safety, when dissembling the fixture, please disconnect the power supply in case of electric shock.


Only low-voltage kits can be routed between and through cabinets.

Do not attempt with high-voltage lighting.

For safety,do not install corded wires or a power supply behind wallboard.

If you want to completely conceal the wires behind wallboard, install a hard-wired lighting system.

Accessory You Will Need

Power Adapter. Please search the SKU 5000047.


SKU Dimension Color Temperature Input Voltage Lamp Wattage Brightness CRI Work temperature
1800001-5 2.76 * 0.57 in Warm White(3000k) 12v DC 3W 240 lm >80 -20 ~ +40℃
1800001-10 2.76 * 0.57 in Warm White(3000k) 12v DC 3W 240 lm >80 -20 ~ +40℃
1800002 2.76 * 0.57 in Warm White(6000k) 12v DC 3W 240 lm >80 -20 ~ +40℃


Under Cabinet LED Lighting

How To Install Under Cabinet LED Lighting


Take off the shell (part 2) from the fitting (part 1)

(Part 1: the fitting, part 2: the shell)

Under Cabinet LED Lighting step 1



Fix the shell on where you want to install the light. Please use the two screws to fix it.(Two people working together is much easier)

Under Cabinet LED Lighting step 2


Connect the fitting to the power supply via the terminal block.

Under Cabinet LED Lighting step 3


Install the fitting back to the shell.

Under Cabinet LED Lighting step 4


1.This fitting should only be installed indoor.

012.This fitting suitable for fixing to normal flammable surfaces. Recessed luminaires should under no circumstances be covered with insulation material or other similar material.

Attention 023.The fitting is suitable for fixing to the wall and to the ceiling.

Attention 034.In case of damage to the wire, it has to be replaced only by the manufacturer, distributor or by an expert, to avoid risks.

Attention 045.Ensure that you don’t drill through electrical wires or any other obstruction in the wall or ceiling during installation!

Attention 056.This product is not suitable for children under 14 years.

Attention 06

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  1. Hello
    My name is Joe I have purchased some LE led product # 4100057-DW
    My question is I sell and install custom lighting in many places do they sell say 100 ft rolls of the led that I can cut as I need.
    Thanks for your help

  2. Pack of 10 Units, LED Under Cabinet Lighting, Puck Lights, 12V DC Under Counter Lighting, 25W Halogen Replacement, 240lm, Warm White

    Can this product 1800001 be hard wired into electric power in the house and connected to a switch?

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