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How to distinguish LED panel lights qualified

How to distinguish LED panel lights qualified


Today, LED panel light widely liked by consumers. Led panel light have energy saving, high luminous efficiency, long life and other characteristics, but LED lighting market have different quality of goods and a large number of defective products on the market, for the most consumers, how to distinguish between good and bad quality of goods? How to buy qualified LED lighting commodity?

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The quality of LED lights common questions have sulfide, chemical incompatibility, dead lights and the light fades. if it is dead light and bad light, LED panel lights should be check to find out reasons for the failure. there are two ways to determine led lights quality. the first is a reliability test, through thermal shock and environmental simulation to determine lighting quality, but this approach need a long time period (3-6 months) and expensive. the second is data determination method, determines the quality of products from materials and find shortcomings.

Professional organizations distinguish the products quality based on the professional and technical. But for most people, only through simple methods to distinguish. average consumer purchasing LED lights can separate the good or bad quality from three aspects: appearance,temperature and sound.

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First, LED lights appearance. the appearance should no cracks, loose and intact interface. during the installation, open process, the cap should not be loose or tilted appearance, especially light plastic case ,it is necessary to choose engineering plastics flame-retardant and good quality material(frosted glass texture). the general appearance of the plastic all smooth, shiny, but easy to deform and flammable,so prohibition for lighting production.

Second, touch the light temperature. in the normal working state LED lights, the temperature should be relatively low, if the heat is not good condition, light beads at high temperature operation, the light body will be hot, bad light will be great, the light life will be greatly reduced. at the same time, if the lights open or close showing rapid flashing also shows quality questions.

Third,Listen to LED lights work sound. electromagnetic compatibility is necessary for electrical items, however, this project inspection very messy, when users purchase the led lights need examine whether by the national electromagnetic compatibility test. it is possible through a simple little experiment to determine: with a short-wave radio, when the LED lights work, the lower the received radio noise, the better electromagnetic compatibility. In silent environment if we can very clearly hear the sound of lamps work, also illustrates the quality is not good.

LED as a light source has been widely used in many fields, including Residential LightingOffice Lighting, Shopping Mall Lighting, Parking Lot Lighting, Hotel Lighting and Warehouse Lighting etc.

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  1. Looking to add LED Cable lighting under the overhang of my restaurant so what brightness do you recommend as I want it for security as well as to show off the restaurant. Currently I have 2 eight foot double bulbs florescent lights now and would like it to be brighter.

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