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How to choose the most suitable led lighting for warehouse

How to choose the most suitable led lighting for warehouse


When designing the warehouse lighting, it’s important to combine the factors including visual requirements, warehouse operation characteristics and environmental conditions, through the choice and configuration of LED lamps, make the space work area with reasonable illumination, color rendering and appropriate brightness distribution and comfortable visual environment.

185W LED High Bay Light Fixture

We can first consider these elements as below:

1) Energy-saving: Realize the intelligent control of the lighting system, use the warehouse dual lighting, make it can close all the way during the day and open two ways at night;

2) Safety: Lighting fixtures with dust-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-riot properties should be used to ensure the safe operation of the lamps;

3) Long life: since it is Inappropriate for warehouses replacing the lamps frequently. To avoiding the increase of post-dimensional maintenance cost, choose lamps with long life and high stability is best choice.

4) The height of the warehouse: 4-6 meters of low-level warehouses, 6-15 meters of middle warehouses, and 15 meters or more of special high-rise warehouses.

5) Shelf height: The shelf height of the middle warehouse is generally 2 meters, and the middle warehouse is generally 8 meters.

6) Illumination requirements: The minimum brightness to the ground must not be less than 80 lux as need of clearly identify the goods and labels.

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