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How to choose the best lighting residential bulbs

How to choose the best lighting residential bulbs


lighting residentialThe appearance of a room can be greatly improved by good lighting. It is necessary to invest enough time and money in picking the most appropriate residential lighting. LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs offer a good alternative to fluorescence and incandescent lights. They are energy savers and they are available in attractive designs. They are also bright and they make colors look better. LED bulbs and fixtures are available for directional lighting that is common in living rooms, bedrooms and foyers. They are also available for under cabinet lighting like those needed for lighting kitchen counters and study tables. There are also options for night lights. They are the perfect solution for lighting residential properties.
There is a large variety of light fixtures that one can choose from. Security lighting is a vital place to start. Suitable outdoor lighting options should include flood lights, wall lights and night lights. They should have an option for solar or electric powering. Solar is the most cost effective as security lights are often on all night. An ideal choice should be water proof to withstand any weather.
For indoor lighting, the general guide will be to determine how much light you need per room. The kitchen requires more light than the other rooms. Check the number of watts before you buy. Most brands mark this as a K for Kelvin. Anything above 5000 is good for the kitchen. The CRI above 90 is also bright enough for the kitchen and for places where reading will take place such as an office or study. Other rooms can manage above 2700K and a CRI of 80. Some manufacturers indicate with W for watts. 4 w is very dim while 18 W is very bright.
lighting residentialThe shape of your bulb will also determine its suitability. A standard shaped bulb is fine for a room that requires average lighting. A floodlight style bulb gives more light. It is usually down light or spot shaped. Golf and candle shaped are the most popular for bedside lamps. Sticks and candles complement chandeliers well. However, there is no fixed rule. It all depends on your preference.
The bulb you choose must be of the right fitting. In the past many homes only had Bayonet fittings. Now new or renovated homes have other fittings such as screw. If you are not sure you will remember how your bulbs look, write down its name. Bayonets have B22 and B15 while Screws have E14 and E47. Other specifications are also readily available.
White LED’s are very common although colored variants are available. Red, blue, yellow and green colors are available. They can be incorporated as you please to suit your décor and furniture. You can also choose between frosted or clear lenses. Clear lenses give narrow concentrated lighting while frosted give uniform diffuse light.
LED lighting is expensive at first but the cost is worth it. The bulbs last longer and they give better quality lighting. A good quality bulb will cost you more than the average. Imitations are also quite cheap but they don’t last long. The best choice for lighting residential property is LED. Make a smart choice now.

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