March 20, 2015 by Sarah Longfellow


pendant lights for kitchenEvery woman loves her cooking space and so do men that love cooking and this is the main reason why pendant lights for kitchen are more preferable over its other counterparts. The kitchen has become the hub in many homes, requiring lighting that can play double duty between illuminating the everyday tasks that occur there and at the same time add personality to the room’s design. And there happen to be more than a few designs for you to choose your pendant lights for kitchen from to make it practical and beautiful.
While many people have the idea that kitchen lights are meant to be functional rather than decorative, this doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with the fluorescent panel reminiscent of your days spent in college apartments, or pick your kitchen lightings merely because a particular kind is very fanciful. The solution to your lighting problem lies in your been able to decide what type of pendant lighting will be right for your kitchen whether you are lighting a small dining table or a kitchen island. Below are a few choices to help you decide:
Having a standard length of about 10-inch pendant light over your kitchen islands or bar will overwhelm your kitchen view; this is where mini pendant lighting comes into play. These mini pendants offer you with enough lighting for your kitchen duties and meal preparation, while also adding warmth and style to the room when need be as in most cases it is the primary gathering place for family and friends on most occasions. They can be arranged in a row or any format that is favoured.
pendant lights for kitchenMULTI LIGHT PENDANT LIGHTING
Also known as the linear suspension, this lighting which hangs low over kitchen islands or dining tables is beautiful and enhance kitchen decor. Due to the length this lighting is better suited in spacious kitchens that can handle its length and presence without feeling overwhelmed. While this beautiful lighting enhances your kitchen decor it provides enough bright light to carry out your kitchen tasks.
While mini pendants are good for not so spacious kitchens and the multi linear pendant suitable for large ones, the drum pendant can serve in both and all situations. Though they do not happen to be the first thing that comes to mind when choosing lighting for your kitchen, by placing about two or three of this drum pendant lamps over your kitchen dining tables and island it offers bright light and a very beautiful touch of elegance, warmth and charm to your kitchen and elevating charm when you are entertaining guests.
As a good rule of thumb when installing pendant lights for kitchen, a height of about 65 – 66 inch off the floor level is advised over Kitchen Island and about 60 inch off the floor level if used over dining tables. Caution should be taken to ensure it is above eye level when in a standing position.
These kitchen pendants are available in a varied range of styles and designs with different colours and patterns and you can make your choice of whatever complements the decor of your kitchen.

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