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How to Choose an LED Strip Light

How to Choose an LED Strip Light


12v led strip lightsLED strip lights is increasingly becoming a popular form of lighting, not only because it is energy efficient but also because of its ability to be used in a wide range of applications. LED strip light is extremely flexible, easy to install and can be used both in domestic and commercial applications. Often referred as LED tape, LED strip light comes in various shapes, designs, brightness, colour, size and applications. Whether you need to install for indoors or outdoors ambience, LED strip light offers endless choices.
Industry standard LED strip light consists of a self-adhesive strip with LEDs placed at regular intervals on substrate. The LED strip illuminates with a forward light once power is applied and can be installed virtually on any place due to its versatility. Whether applied commercially or in domestic use, LED strip light can greatly change the mood and look of a place instantly. They are inexpensive and offer an array of application options. Although there is no clear-cut standard when choosing an LED strip light, here are some considerations when buying.
Number of LEDs
Usually, you will find manufacturers of LED strip light listing the number of LEDs per foot, meter, reel or strip. For example, 20 foot reel with 150 LEDs per reel. What you want to find out is the total number of LEDs per foot, meter or reel against the cost. For instance, if one company is selling LED strip light at 16 foot reel with 150 LEDs per reel, for $89 and another company with 120 LEDs per meter at $119 for the same reel, the first company offer would be better since they are offering the most LEDs per reel.
12v led stripPower Consumption
Each LED strip light will consume power when illuminated. The Wattage consumption, usually given per foot, meter or reel of LED strip light, is the amount of power consumed while the lights are on. You need to compare the wattage consumption of power against the power supply. Also, compare the voltage of the LED strip light against the voltage supply from the power unit. An LED strip light that requires 24 volts will not work on a 12-volt power supply.
Total Lumen of an LED strip light
Lumen is a measure of the total “amount” of visible light emitted by a lighting source such as an LED strips light. Different sellers of LED strip lights specify lumen differently i.e. per foot, meter or reel. Lumen is the most important variable when choosing an LED strip light and if the lumen output is not stated, you have no way of knowing the brightness of an LED strip light unless you buy and test it.
led light stripsCost of LED Strip Light
There is a wide variety of LED strip lights in the market from various manufacturers and distributors. The cost varies in quality, specifications, design, shape, size etc. You should consider cost against quality-made LED strip lights which can produce a good clean lighting for a span of years.
Other considerations for an LED strip light include colour, thermal management, safety, heat dissipation etc. At http://www.lightingever.com they offer comprehensive ranges of LED strip lighting products, available online in different shapes, applications and cost.

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