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How the LED Edison Bulb will Save You a lot of Money

How the LED Edison Bulb will Save You a lot of Money


In the later half of the 19th century, Thomas Edison was able to invent a device that could use electric power to generate and sustain light. For years after his death, this technology has been used around the world and it is safe to say that it is quite popular even today. However the modern times have seen the invention of a new form to lighting. One that requires less electric power to generate the same intensity of light and lasts much longer – LED lighting. The replacement to the incandescent light bulb is the LED Edison bulb which is quickly filling homes because of its significant advantage over incandescent bulbs. To understand why LED Edison bulbs are so good, read on.
led edison bulbA light emitting diode is made of semiconductor material that releases photons when supplied with electrical energy. When LED lights were first designed they were only to replace very small light bulbs in bigger electronic devices like the small light on your laptop which glows when the laptop is connected to a power supply. However, with the rapid advances in semi conductor technology LED lights can now be used to generate light of much greater intensity. And for this same reason, LED lights have become much cheaper than they used to be but it is still higher than the incandescent bulbs.
Here are a few advantages of using the LED Edison Bulb over Incandescent or CFL bulbs –
1.    Longer Life Span – While the store price of an incandescent or CFL bulb might be lesser than the LED bulb, in the long term the LED bulb might pay off. This point is not to be taken lightly because the difference in life span might be much greater than you are thinking. An LED bulb if left on for around 8 hours a day, might last you more than 15 years!
2.    UV Emissions are extremely less if not absent and Infrared radiation is also very less. This means that an LED bulb will not get heated so quickly and easily like the incandescent bulb.
led edison bulb3.    Lower Power consumption – The LED bulb requires much lower electrical power to operate compared to the normal incandescent or CFL bulb. Not only this, but the LED bulb is also much more efficient in terms of energy. More than three quarters of the electrical energy supplied to the LED bulb gets converted into light energy. If you compare this with the incandescent lighting where less than a quarter of electrical energy supplied gets converted to light energy, you will see that the difference is massive. This means that operating a LED bulb is much more cost efficient as well. Once again you can see that in the long run the LED bulb will be a lot cheaper.
4.    LED bulbs are much more durable – It is important to note that the longer life span of LED bulbs is also because they are much more durable and can withstand rugged conditions. Incandescent bulbs on the other hand are much more fragile because of the delicate nature of the tungsten filament inside them.
If you have never used a LED Edison bulb before, you definitely need to test it once and see the remarkable benefits for yourself.

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