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How much do You Know about Kitchen Lighting?

How much do You Know about Kitchen Lighting?


As one of those who have not experienced the decoration of a new kitchen, you may be more likely to ignore the home lighting. But for those people who pay more attention to details, they would be very strict for their kitchen lightings. So what details should we pay attention to for the kitchen lighting? Reasonable lighting in the kitchen can not only affect people’s mood, but also have much to do with security issues.

kitchen lighting
First of all, there should be a celling light without a glare for the basic lighting in the kitchen. Secondly, it is the accent lighting that you should take into consideration.

home lighting
Accent lighting can be mainly distributed under the cabinet so that you can get sufficient light when cooking.

led strip lighting
If you do not want the accent lighting, you can also use the led strip lights to light up the area, but make sure that the illumination will not too bright and cause visual fatigue.

cabinet socket
In addition, you can also install several sockets under the bottom of the cabinet, so they can stay away from oil and moisture, which will be easier to clean up.

containing socket
Cabinet side wall can also be used as a socket; you can keep it clean with the panels round it.
Such kind of containing socket is also very helpful, beautiful and safe. You can use it from time to time when you need it.

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