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How Floodlights can Keep your Home Safe

How Floodlights can Keep your Home Safe


Your home is your place of refuge.  It is where you and your loved ones relax and put your feet up after a stressful day. This is why you need to make sure that it has all the necessary comforts – from comfortable furniture to modern appliances.

Your home is a place where you expect you and your family to be safe.  Sadly, this isn’t always the case.  Around 2 million home invasion crimes are reported every year.  What is even sadder is that only 13% of these are resolved by the police.

According to studies, 85% of these crimes are done by non-professionals.  These are desperate individuals who take advantage of situations brought about by negligence.

There are simple things you can do to protect your home and minimize the risk of home invasions. One of these things is ensuring that the area around your house is well lit with the help of flood lights. These are popular lighting options used more commonly at stadiums and commercial establishments. These produce a light, which is almost similar to daylight.  Unlike other similarly powerful lighting, they can illuminate a large area, thus, eliminating shadows. These also have sturdy and durable design as these are mostly used outdoors.


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How can flood lights improve home security?

Keeping the area outside of your home well-lit can deter possible intruders.  According to experts, most burglars choose houses where they can conceal themselves in the shadows as they attempt to open a window or door.

When you provide sufficient lighting for doorways, driveways or backyards, it will be easy to see suspicious activity outside of your home. This can help discourage any attempts by intruders.

If you have cameras installed as part of your security system, LED flood lights can help provide a much clearer view. Despite most cameras having night vision features, lighting, which is comparable to daylight will always provide a much better resolution.

In addition, flood lights are much more difficult to tamper with than regular bulbs.  These are built to be shock and weather proof, so you have a guarantee that these will work whenever you need them.

There are also those that are motion activated, so you don’t have to worry about neighbor complaints or high energy bills. The lights will illuminate a large area whenever it detects any motion.  According to studies done by law enforcement, this can lessen the risk of burglaries.  Most intruders don’t go through with their home invasion plans when lights go on.

Why are flood lights better than other lighting fixtures?

Regular lighting fixtures only illuminate a specific area.  For example, a bulb at your doorway can only provide light for the spot in front of your door. It also creates shadows on the area beyond its light.

Spotlights, another powerful lighting fixture can provide brighter illumination.  However, it can only light up a small area.  Flood lights, on the other hand, can illuminate a larger area.  This is the reason why arenas and stadiums use this type of lighting. The light it produces is comparable to daylight, making it easier for you to see your entire driveway or yard.

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What are the different types of flood lights?

Flood lights vary depending on the bulb used.  The most common ones are Halogen, CFL, HID, Solar and LED.

Halogen lights are the cheapest when it comes to upfront cost.  However, the bulbs don’t last as long as the others listed and may need frequent replacement. In addition, halogen tends to consume more energy, so it may spike up your energy bill.

CFL lights are popular alternatives to halogen.  You can use them to replace halogen lights without the need for additional equipment.  CFL bulbs consume less energy, but provide the same amount of lighting as halogen.

HID lights provide the best light output.  It produces illumination, which is as bright as natural daylight.  However, since it uses gas to produce light, it requires a few minutes before these warm up to work.

Solar lights are fairly new technology used for floodlight. It is crucial to position them in places where there is sufficient sunlight to get charged.

LED lights are the most economical in terms of energy used.  LED bulbs use almost 80% less than what the others do.  Despite being a more expensive upfront purchase, LED can help you save money in the long run.

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