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How does a Color Changing LED Light Bulb WORKS

How does a Color Changing LED Light Bulb WORKS


You must have seen different types of color changing LED light bulb on different occasions for the purpose of decorations such as Christmas and New Year. Whenever we see multi colored led lights, a question arises in our mind that how does this whole system work. A color changing LED light bulb is a package of three LEDS which are controlled by a small computer. The three colors of LEDs are red, blue and green and each color is regulated by microcontroller. The modern led bulbs can display up to six colors with different shades between them. Many people love the colors of LEDs and they become excited to see a number of colors. Here I would like to show you how a modern color changing led works.

color changing led light bulbBasics of LED bulbs:
In simple words, LED stands for light emitting diode. The LEDs work with the help of a semi conductor which have positively charged atoms known as electron holes. When the charge passes through a semiconductor, these holes get filled. As a result of electric charge passing through semiconductor, the photons are emitted in the form of energy which can be seen as visible light.color changing led light bulb

Colors of LED:
These days a number of light changing LED bulbs are available in the market. The emission of different colors of LEDs depends on the level of energy. The level of energy can be easily controlled using different materials of semiconductors. Now with the advancement of technology, the led colors are not restricted to red, green and blue but you can see various shades of different colors of LEDs.

Color Changing LEDs:
A single LED can’t change different colors but a color changing LED is made up of three LEDs which are packed in one casing. The casing has microcontroller system in it. You can operate the color changing LEDs through a remote. It creates different shades of combination of different colors.  When the current passes through all LEDs at once, white color is emitted.

Uses of color changing LEDs:
Color changing LEDs can be used for different purposes. These LEDs are used for decoration purposes. These LEDs are also used as indicators. Now many Smartphone also comes with color changing LED and you can easily customize different colors for different types of alerts such as email, text message or call by using apps. Color changing LED light bulb has a number of uses but few uses are described above.

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