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Home Office Lighting Ideas


If you don’t have much natural light, artificial light is even more important when considering home office lighting.

Whether you are working in a home office or a small bedroom farm, lighting characteristics and quality in your workspace can help you increase productivity. Insufficient light will reduce your energy, dampen morale, cause eye strain and headaches, and ultimately weaken your ability to work effectively.

Here are some factors to consider when choose home office lighting.

  • Natural Light


Where should your desk be? If your room has a sunny window, then you should put the table near it, not only to enhance the brightness of the work, but also to see the outside world when the work is tired.

  • Keep it Indirect

Keep it Indirect

Avoid working under direct sunlight. Instead, finding best ways to diffuse ambient light to can illuminate office space. Lampshades soften and scatter otherwise harsh light, while an upward-shining floor lamp bounces the light off of walls and ceilings. The goal is to illuminate the entire space without creating undue glare and contrast while avoiding casting shadows.

  • Ambient Light

Ambient Light

Ambient light is a great stress reliever. It’s pretty lame to look up from a long day of work and realize you’re sitting alone with only the light of your desk lamp for company. Ambient light fills the area with a soothing glow, for a warmer, more comfortable atmosphere.

  • Add a Dedicated Task Light

Add a Dedicated Task Light

The task light helps to bring things together, but the contrast of the bright lights and the darkness outside can bring on eyestrain very quickly.

  • Coordinate Your Lighting

Coordinate Your Lighting

After deciding what type of lights you want, try to create a theme for your home office. If you are going with a modern theme with bold colors, you may want to emphasize accent lights more. If you are more of a practical person, you may want to go with neutral colors for a sophisticated look. Try to think about what colors you want in the room and then think about a theme that can supplement your ideas into a cohesive vision. Do not be afraid to have trendy task lamps or ambient lights as they may add to or inspire your overall vision. Nothing is wrong with being a little bold with your home office. After all, you will be using your home office and having something that both practically and aesthetically appeals to you is important.

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