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HID Bulbs in a Wide Range of Applications

HID Bulbs in a Wide Range of Applications


hid bulbsOne of the most impressive types of light lamps is the HID bulbs. These are electrical gas discharge lamps that use the power of an electric arc that is made between multiple tungsten electrodes. These electrodes are included in a transparent or, sometimes, translucent fused quartz arc tube. Most of the time, in this tube you will usually find metal salts and gas, which help the HID bulbs function properly.
The way a HID bulb works is that the gas in it will start facilitating the initial strike, and from then, the arc will heat then start evaporating and forming plasma, which will make the resulting light feel a lot more intense.
These are basically some arc lamps that place a lot of emphasis on the visibility of the light. This is why the results provided by these bulbs are much better, since they consume less electric power than other similar bulbs such as fluorescent or incandescent ones. On top of that, the radiation is more visible, which leads to an even better lighting.
You can find multiple different chemistry types in the HID bulbs, and this usually varies based on the intensity of the light, as well as the lifespan, color temperature and efficiency. Yes, the high intensity discharge bulbs can come in different colors and their intensity remains pretty much the same despite the color change!
Alongside that, HID bulbs come with a wide variety, as they can be made out or run on different materials, and these include mercury vapors, sodium vapors, xenon short arcs, ceramic MH or even metal halide sometimes.
hid bulbsThe most efficient type of HID lighting comes from the low-pressure sodium vapors which provide a very deep, orange and yellow light that brings a very good CRI which is very interesting. Sometimes, HID bulbs do include radioactive substances in order to get the best results and provide you with an intense lighting.
You can use HID bulbs in a wide range of applications; in fact, you can even encounter them in locations such as parking lots, pathways, warehouses, or in residential areas. Since most HID bulbs come with a powerful radiation, they usually come with an UV blocking filter that is very efficient and which helps you get the best experience.
Alongside that, HID bulbs are small and thus they can be added with ease in your home in a wide variety of locations. These bulbs are perfect for the basement, but they can also work great in a bedroom as well. They even provide one of the longest lifespans in the light bulb industry, which means that once you purchase such a bulb, you won’t have to think about replacements anytime soon.
No matter where you choose to use the HID bulbs, you can rest assured that they will work properly and for a very long time. If you want some professional high intensity discharge bulbs, we recommend you to check out product offering in order to find some impressive bulbs at one of the lowest prices on the market!

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