Helpful Tips On How To Pick Out Floodlight

April 7, 2015 by Sarah Longfellow

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30w led floodlight

30w led floodlight

While selecting the appropriate floodlight some parameters have to be followed on how to pick out floodlights. A majority of the suppliers provide different kinds of floodlights like fluorescent, incandescent & LEDs. This article briefs on how to pick out floodlights in an easy way.
Incandescent lighting:
This is the fundamental lighting type. It is very cheap and it efficiently works in highlighting the exterior areas. However, if a homeowner is searching for diffused lighting then it cannot be his best choice. Moreover, this kind of lighting consumes a lot of energy.
Halogen lights
Halogen lights can also be used for outer door lighting, though it saves energy, it is somewhat priced on the higher side, and is capable of illuminating only limited or specific areas.
LED lights
The LED flood lights are extremely popular. They are not only inexpensive but also save energy to a significant extent. These are Eco friendly lights. However a home owner should follow some guidelines on how to pick out floodlights so that he can avoid the dubious outlets that mediocre flood lights.
Lifespan is the foremost aspect a homeowner must consider while selecting flood light. Normally LED lights comes with extended lifespan. It has a life span that is roughly equivalent to 11 years at the rate of 12 hours per day usage. A single LED lights are almost equivalent to 50 incandescent lights.
how to pick out floodlightSignificant aspects that need to considered
A homeowner can find an array of diverse LED flood light in the leading outlets. They come in different shapes in sizes. He or she can find LED lights as 150w, 240w outdoor LED flood lights. They have an input violate in the range of 85-265v. They come in Daylight white color and brightness in the range of 12750 lm to 20400 lm. These lights are manufactured incorporating the latest technologies.
Not to compromise on quality for pricing
Another factor a homeowner should consider is quality. Most of the homeowner commits the grave mistake of purchasing cheap flood lights from mom & pop stores. Those dubious light fixtures are made up inexpensive materials and are not safe to use. However the renowned outlets provide quality and reliable flood lights that are safe to use. They are made up of aluminium and come with a 3 year warranty period. These top notch flood lights come with top global quality & safety certification such as TUV GS, TÜV Rheinland, Dekra, VDE, BSCI, CE & RoHS in Europe, and Energy Star, FCC & UL in North America
Other aspects to consider
A few of the other factors a homeowner must consider is he or she must ensure whether the light they choose can be effortlessly fitted and can be easily maintained.
In general, following the above mentioned parameter will help on how to pick out floodlights in a simple and hassle free manner.

2 thoughts on “Helpful Tips On How To Pick Out Floodlight

  1. Billy Barton

    I all ready have bought 30W motion sensor lights and a 30W plus a 50W . i’am wanting to get 2 or 3 more 50W or 1 or 2 100W. I would like to come pare prices on the them. Thank You for your time

    1. lizping Post author

      Dear Billy,

      Thank you for your interest in our products.
      As for your request, please search “3400029-DW” on our site to find the 50W flood light and “3400030-DW” to find the 100W lights.
      Hope this would help.

      LE – The most popular LED Lighting Brand


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