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Help You Distinguish between LED and LCD

Help You Distinguish between LED and LCD

par style led bulbsLCD stands for “liquid crystal display” and LED stands for “light emitting diodes” and technically, both LED and LCD are liquid crystal displays. The basic technology is the same in that both types have two layers of polarized glass through which the liquid crystals both block and pass light. In other words, LEDs are a subset of LCDs. LCDs use fluorescent Lights while LEDs use light emitting diodes. In the world of illumination, energy saving bulbs is highly sought after in that it helps manage electrical resources and enables better performance and longevity.
There are two different methods of LED lighting, the direct and edge. The main advantage of direct lighting is that it can be used to increase contrast levels by turning some LEDs off — thus increasing the amount of black in parts of the picture. LG is one of the champions of direct lighting.
In comparison, edge lighting’s main advantage is that it can be used to make screens that are incredibly thin — the LEDs are at the side and not behind the screen. Of course, you lose the ability to switch off parts of the backlighting for better contrast, and picture quality could also suffer if light isn’t sufficiently well dispersed. When using LED backlighting, there are several different colored ones you can use, but the two main options are white and Red Green and Blue (RGB).
White LED is very similar to CCFL, and is meant to simulate the white light of the sun for a more “natural” result. But the LEDs aren’t actually white; this approach makes use of a blue light source that is made to look white by the presence of a sulphur coating on the bulb.
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