h11 bulbNowdays, many companies offer different parts of car equipment, that car-owners should have. Car bulbs are part of that equipment, and the appropriate car bulbs are necessary fo a driver, to have the way enlighten enough for a safe journey. H11 bulb is one type of car bulbs. You should  buy H11 car bulbs if maximum performance and light output are the features you look for in a headlight. There’s nothing worse than struggling to see the road ahead while driving at night, but if you upgrade your standard headlight bulbs to this type of car bulbs, you will never look back. These high-tech car bulbs provide up to 110% more light on the road compared to your standard headlight bulb and this increase makes a huge difference to night time driving. In addition to more light, you’ll also notice the light beam produced is significantly longer and the colour of the light is whiter than standard too. These bulbs provide up to 45% more light than standard halogen lights given its optimized optical design and high lighting efficiency.
They provide 2400 lumens for superior “on road” lighting vs standard halogen bulbs. Not only are h11 bulbthese bulbs bright, they are also a perfect direct replacement to match your factory HID or LED headlight thanks to their bright white color rating. These bulbs use  lighting technology for maximum visibility and no glare for other road users. They’re not just gimmicky LED bulbs that are nice cosmetic upgrades for your vehicle, they’re actually functional upgrades, that will enhance your night-time driving experience. Installing this bulb will almost double your light output.
These bulbs are manufactured from aircraft grade knurled aluminum parts and utilize 5W CREE LED diodes to provide the brightest possible output, and are designed to work with any H11 style fog light for an easy installation. CREE LED diodes are properly color matched to ensure proper color consistency throughout the LED bulb. When it comes to installation, it is as simple as  pulling out your stock bulb and inserting your new fog bulb and the bulb drop right into the stock fo its fitting. We stuck the ballasts to the inside of each fender and plugged in the requisite wiring. Notice that the bulbs have a heat sink and small fan protruding out the back. This is necessary to cool them. The fan engages when the headlights turn on and is rated for up to 20,000 hours (half as long as the bulbs). Nevertheless, the lights dim if the fan goes out, protecting the elements inside.
In a conclusion we can say that H11 LED lamps are perfect for your car. The road will be enlightened and your journey will be safe. Simply, you will enjoy driving your car, and knowing that yor car has all the necessary equipment, that it actually deserve, and that you as a driver deserve- to have a safe journey with new bulbs, that are easily plugged and installed into your car, but also very useful.

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