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Great Ideas for Outdoor Patio Lights

Great Ideas for Outdoor Patio Lights


outdoor patio lightsWhile we may normally think of it as a mere, functional necessity, creative use of outdoor patio lights can not only give a great look to your patio but also make your summer evenings more pleasurable. Cool outdoor/patio lighting ideas can help you to get more use as well as enjoyment from your outdoor living spaces.

Some of such outdoor and patio lighting ideas are presented below:

Star Lit Floors:
You can use fiber optic lighting to give your deck the star lit sky effect. In this type of lighting, light would travel through thin flexible cables, ending in points of light which are inserted into small holes drilled in the decking. The cables and lights are safe to use in all weather conditions since there is no electricity or heat conducted. This can also be done as a good DIY project, if you are so inclined.

Lighting the Way:
This type of deck lighting cannot just add safety but also help extend the deck party time. Post-mounted fixtures can provide ambient lighting and also signal the locations of the railings. You can use low-voltage LED fixtures operating on 12 volts which is much safer than the regular household level of 120 volts.

Movable Deck-Standing Lighting:
An over-sized floor-standing lamp that is designed for outdoor use can light up the whole deck sitting area using a 250 watts halogen lamp. This fixture can be made waterproof with an aluminum base, galvanized steel frame and a plastic shade. Stability in windy conditions can be ensured with adequate use of lead weights.

outdoor patio lightsString Lights:
These can go up in any location including patios in order to offer versatility as well as style. String lights are easily available in many styles and sizes and the wiring does not need to be concealed, since it is a part of the fixture itself. Low-voltage (12 volts) or the regular (120 volts) lights can be used, as suitable. Although a bit expensive initially, outdoor solar powered lights can also be used which will save money in the long run, since they don’t use the grid electricity.

Combination Light and Ceiling Fan:
Keep your covered patio cool and stylish at the same time with a combination light and ceiling fan. The fan would need a 120 volts supply so you could use that to power the light as well. The wires can easily be concealed by painting them to match with the woodwork and/or running them along the framing members.

Patio Stairway Lights:
As you may be aware, many municipality building codes require you to light exterior deck, patio and entrance stairways. This sensible safety measure can be achieved with easy and style using motion-activated lighting. These bright LED lights would automatically turn on when they detect motion a few feet away and then turn off after the delay of a pre-set number of seconds. They can be easily installed anywhere with the help of screws or double-sided tape.

Put any of these ideas for outdoor patio lights to good use – wish you all the best.

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