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Get to Know LED Rope Lighting for this Christmas

Get to Know LED Rope Lighting for this Christmas


solar rope lightsThe present stage in the global pursuit of health, environmental pressures, under circumstances of great energy crisis, the world’s semiconductor lighting has been recognized as an important way to a healthy energy saving, is faster to expand its range of applications. Thus the invention of the LED rope lighting. LED rope lighting has high brightness, long life, saving and environmental protection features, which are widely used in the decorative lighting market, such as holiday lighting sculptures, signs, captions advertising, the outline of the building, interior ceiling lighting, decorative lighting, bar and night clubs.
The LED rope lighting comprises of small bright LED units coated in plastic. As a result, it is weatherproof, durable and flexible. The alight-permeable flexible insulating sleeve and at least two units arranged in the sleeve, wherein the sleeve is internally provided with a flexible strip circuit board, each unit is arranged on the circuit board, each unit comprises a plurality of LEDs which are connected together in series, the units are connected in parallel, all the LEDs are arranged in the length direction of the rope light at equal distances, each unit also comprises a rectifier, and the rectifier is separated from adjacent units by at least one LED of the unit where the rectifier is located.
The LED rope light has a simple and reasonable structure and is convenient to process; and connection is easy after the LED rope lighting is cut off according to the construction requirement, thus it is convenient to use. The LED rope lighting is easy to process, and has a good decorative effect. The whole rectifier is arranged between two adjacent LEDs of the same unit, no gap between the two adjacent units is occupied, and no region to be cut is occupied, thus the LED rope lighting is easy to cut off and is suitablefor use.
solar string lightsThe present LED on the market comes with a generally flexible flat circuit board. During the installation, you need to first wire core wire to connect within a dedicated, external rectifier, and then connect the main power supply. This electrically connected to the everyday use of consumer inconvenience, especially after the actual needs of the consumer press clipping lights; each section must have a dedicated, external rectifier, or cannot use lights with each section. Furthermore, since all the LED lights with equidistant longitudinal direction, and therefore, the adjacent gap between two units size is fixed. If you set the electronic components within this gap will cause the lamp with cut difficulties.
A LED lamp of the flexible tape comprising a flexible light insulating sleeve and at least two units located within the sleeve, the sleeve features a flexible flat circuit board, each unit provided on the circuit board, each unit includes a plurality of connected together in series LED, the relationship between the various units connected in parallel, all the LED lamps in the tape longitudinal direction equidistantly, characterized in that: each cell further includes a rectifier, which rectifies the lamp in the band length direction where at least one of the rectifier unit and the LED spaced apart from adjacent cells.
The conventional lights with installation art is in the sheath of insulating material is covered with a wire connecting the two wires and the power supply is connected, the connecting wires is discontinuous, interrupted by one longitudinally aligned wire segments, the outer sheath is provided in the bank of light sources, each light source is required to connect the two end sections of the wire from skin picked out, and then the terminal pin is welded to the two light sources, so many numbers of individually connected to the light source, a high degree of manual, costs of working hours, production efficiency is not high, and the only factory-assembled.LED solar rope lights gives you a crispest low voltage while the high voltage is longest.

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