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Ge Led Light Bulbs Review

Ge Led Light Bulbs Review


ge light bulbsA GE  light bulbs review shows that this lighting technology offers a great way to save energy, money and make positive impact on the environment. LEDs, which stand for light-emitting diodes are becoming more commonly available for daily household use. In fact, since there are now LEDs available to replace seventy-five to a hundred watt incandescent light bulbs

LEDs are touted to last for around 50,000 hours. To put that huge number into perspective, see putting an LED bulb into a lamp and leaving it on for 8 hours each day for 10 years before you would need to replace it, but then the comparable incandescent light bulb would need to be changed 2 to 3 times annually. Also power that light the energy cost would be approximately two dollar per year as compared to twenty dollar per year for the comparable incandescent bulb. Spread those economy out overall of the lights in your home and imagine the economies in your monthly electricity bill.

Also the energy savings, Ge LED light bulbs:
Are shatterproof, which makes them securer
Do not get hot, which saves money in an air conditioned environment where the usage of incandescent bulbs can increase power custom for AC by a watt or more

The Present and future…the major Ge light bulb producers are now introducing much more affordable options. The LEDs that are now becoming much readily available and affordable admit the type of bulbs used for down lighting in spot lights, track lights and accent lighting, which are a pristine application for the directional capabilities of LED lights.

ge light bulbsGe LED Light Bulbs Review and buy Guidelines
When buying Ge LED light bulbs the colour of the light is similar to regular light bulbs, ranging from cool white to gentle white to hot white light. The specifications are as follows:
2500 – 3000 = Hot White
3000 – 3500K = gentle White
5500K = Cool White

Whenever you are using Ge LEDs in directional lighting, keep in mastermind that how the beam angle is measured is not similar. So if you have 2 Ge LED bulbs from 2 different makers that say they are the same angle, they may in fact appear very different. Again, your better bet is to search at comparison photos as well as the bulbs description to secure you get the light spread you are looking for.

To fix the correct replacement for an incandescent bulb hold in mind that LEDs tend to use about one-fifth the energy of an worth incandescent and one-half the energy of their worth CFL. So, you’d need a 10 watt LED bulb to replace a fifty watt incandescent and a seven watt LED bulb would replace a fifteen watt CFL bulb.

While LEDs have been rated to continue up to 50,000 hours, LED bulbs burn or  go out in a lot different way than incandescent which just quit clearing when the filament inside breaks. Instead, LEDs lose their brightness and whenever they reach the end of their lifetime they’ll provide only seventy percent of the original brightness level. This is why that a few manufacturers are revising the life span of their LED bulbs to 30,000 hours or even less.

GE energy smart LED light bulbs is a unique value in advanced LED technology, great for all your general purpose lighting fixtures. You can employ this energy saving LED selection for your home lighting or small business lighting, keep and save for over a long 13 years.

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