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G4 LED Bulbs  The Eco-friendly Bulb for the Common Man

G4 LED Bulbs The Eco-friendly Bulb for the Common Man

g4 led bulbs
g4 led bulbs

In today’s world the largest consumption of energy form other than fuel is electricity. We are now using electricity for every little work we do from using lawnmowers to writing emails to lighting up stadiums. We need electricity everywhere especially households that have families who work all through morning and night. The consumption of these households is more as people come and go at all times of day and night. With coal and other resources becoming non-renewable we need to make sure that more can be achieved by less. This is where the new LED technology comes in. The g4 LED bulbs are one such product made from LED which is showing amazing results in reducing electricity consumption. The g4 LED bulbs are becoming the common man’s favorite for a simple reason. It is cutting the electricity consumption drastically. It saves money and electricity and that is not all. Mentioned below are some of the benefits of using a g4 LED bulb instead of the regular halogen bulbs in home.
The Benefits are:
1.    g4 LED bulbs are easy to fix and last longer than halogen bulbs
2.    These consume much less energy
3.    These do not get hot after being switched on for a really long time
4.    These are cost effective in the long run
5.    These provide bright light without emitting harmful rays
6.    These are completely eco-friendly product
7.    These can be used safely for residential as well as commercial purposes

g4 led bulbsThese are some of the major benefits of using g4 LED bulbs. In offices that run 24/7, usage of these LED lights will translate into cost efficiency for those business owners. These LED lights last longer thus reducing overhead for major businesses like hotels, casinos and theatres where lights are very much part of their ambience at all times. As these LED lights use less electricity as low as 12v, they are easily run on generators for a longer period. These do not harm eyes and are ergonomically designed. As they come in different sizes and shapes, the g4 LED bulbs can be used anywhere from helmets to headlights to floodlights.
More and more people are now preferring to use products that are eco-friendly and for good reason. Eco-friendly products help decrease the carbon footprint and g4 LED bulbs do the same. They help reduce the carbon footprint by producing very less heat. LED lights give clearer, brighter light that soothes the vision instead of hurting it. They require minimum maintenance thus reducing the overhead costs of any commercial or residential buildings. It gives high quality of luminescence that is needed in today’s world which is working at nights as well. The g4 LED bulbs do not contain the toxic mercury vapor and are easily disposable.  They are a much better choice in every way when compared to halogen bulbs. The price may be a little high but in the long run there is always profit that can be saved in form of reduced   electricity bills, low maintenance, brighter lighting and reduced carbon footprint.

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