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Four Aspects to Consider on Selecting LED Lights

Four Aspects to Consider on Selecting LED Lights


Nowadays, LED lights have become more and more popular in our life and there are a variety of LED lights in the market. It’s really a matter for us to select the correct LED lights. Here are four aspects that can be taken into consideration when choosing LED lights.
LED Chip

led chip
LED chip is the cord light-emitting component of the LED lights. LEDs in different brands or different types will have different lighting efficiency and CRI (Color Rendering Index). Most of the lights in the market are made up of single chip or integrated chip (also known as COB chip). The lighting efficiency of the COB chip is better than the single chip. Therefore, it’s the best choice to select the COB chip lights which have higher lighting efficiency, CRI and longer lifespan.
Color temperature

color temperature
Different places, such as the bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom will have different lighting requirements, so it is important to select the correct color temperature. In general, the color temperature of the LED lights is ranged from 2700 to 6500K; the light will be warmer with lower value. Otherwise, it will be cooler. The most suitable color temperature range of the LED lights should be close to the natural white of the sun. It’s better to choose the 2700K warm white light or 5000K neutral white for residential lighting. In addition, it’s not good for our eyes if the color temperature of the lights is too high or too low.
Luminous flux

Luminous flux
Luminous flux refers to the brightness of the lights. Different lights will be needed for different environments and areas. When selecting a light fixture, you should take the lighting environment and the luminous flux index of the light into consideration.
Color rendering index (CRI)

Color rendering index (CRI) refers to the color reality of the object under the light, the value is between 0-100. In general, the CRI of LED lights is over 75, but it is recommended to select the light fixtures with more than 80 CRI.

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