Home Kitchen Lighting IdeasFind Eye-catching Kitchen Lighting Fixtures at Lighting Ever
Find Eye-catching Kitchen Lighting Fixtures at Lighting Ever

Find Eye-catching Kitchen Lighting Fixtures at Lighting Ever


kitchen lighting fixturesWhen you are considering remodelling your kitchen then surely you are also trying to come up with some original kitchen lighting ideas. Eye catching kitchen lighting fixtures can enhance the look of any kitchen and complement with its interiors. In this article we are going to discuss some basic kitchen lighting ideas which would make your kitchen look like never before. Surely we are not talking about those sad fluorescent lights perched on your ceiling. The kind of lighting which is in vogue in most urban kitchens is pendant lighting. These are highly focussed lights which hang from the ceiling of your dining area. You have surely come across this kind of lights in restaurants. The sheer elegant look of pendant lighting coupled with its functionality has made this kind of light immensely popular in kitchen.
The fixtures are hung right above the table helps to create a strong light which is focussed on your table. Moreover the diffused light which spills all over the room creates a very dreamy atmosphere. This sophisticated and elegant kitchen lighting fixture comes in a wide range of style and finish. Finding a pendant light which suits the decor of your kitchen shouldn’t be much of a trouble. The pendant lights are best used with LED bulbs in warm shade. For instance you can choose a pendant light made out of clear glass if you want your kitchen to look bright and dazzling. On the other hand you can also choose a kind of shaded glass or glass with bubbles so as to make the light dimmer. Globe lights will add a 40’s look to your kitchen and can even be used in very small kitchens. If you want a more modern look then you should go for one of the industrial pendant fixtures made out of steel or copper. Moreover you can hang your fixtures at different heights and angles to create a more interesting look.
kitchen lighting fixturesWhen it comes to urban kitchens, another great kitchen lighting fixtures idea is that of installing under cabinet lights. Installing a LED light at your under cabinet would not only provide additional light to your kitchen but also make your cooking area brighter so that you can properly see the ingredients going into your dish and read the recipes. LED under cabinet lights are different from ordinary bulbs and fluorescent lights since they don’t release heat. The amount of heat released by regular cabinet lights would damage your foodstuffs and heat up your cooking area. On the other hand heat released by LED lights is much lower than that of incandescent and fluorescent lights. Even a 3w LED light can produce the amount of light emitted by a 25w bulb. They would not only remove every dark spot from your countertop but also help you save on your electricity bills. You can browse through a wide range of LED under cabinet lights and choose the one which would make your kitchen look most stylish. Easy to install pendant lights and led under cabinet lights are our 2 suggestions for sprucing up the look of your kitchen.

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