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Fairy Lights Deserve a Home in Your Childs Nursery

Fairy Lights Deserve a Home in Your Childs Nursery


I think, decorating your first child’s nursery room is a very special experience.

It gives you the opportunity to do something with all the love you are feeling for your as-yet-unborn child and it also gives you a chance to create the kind of room you would have wanted for yourself as a baby.

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You might argue that a baby really couldn’t care less about the decorating scheme or the ambience of its bedroom.

Subconsciously we are all aware of our surroundings, and even a small baby will feel cosy or cold in the right or wrong living space.

And making your nursery a nice place to be is as much for the parents as it is for the baby. Waking up to feed or change a baby is a more pleasant experience if the lighting and ambience is focused on comfort and calmness.

There are parents who want to do everything ‘by the book’ and end up purchasing so much equipment. And then there are parents who have a quiet confidence in their parenting abilities and who think they need the minimum of things.

Whichever category of parent that you belong to, finding ways to decorate your nursery does not have to be expensive or a stressful thing.

Painting, if it has to be done, should be done first and using non-toxic paint.

Decorating with large stickers is a trend that is growing in popularity due to the fact that they are easy to apply and remove.

Fabrics for bedding, any chairs or cushions do not have to come from the high street. Why not ask a grandmother-to-be for help making things, for a great sentimental touch?

Finally, lighting is vital, so don’t leave it until the last minute. You need to be able to see but because bright harsh lighting is unpleasant for baby and parents, especially in the dead of night, why not try christmas fairy lights or other LED lights?

Christmas fairy lights or other LED lights will give a gentle glow without feeling abrasive, and will complement a quirky or whimsical feel to your newborn’s nursery just beautifully.

Would you need to consider further?

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