Fabric Shade E26 Bulb Base Bedside Desk Lamp For Home Bedroom Decoration

March 27, 2018 by Sarah Longfellow


Looking for something cheap yet elegant to put in the bedroom? Lighting EVER fabric shade E26 bulb base bedside table lamp will be a great choice.

Fabric Shade E26 Bulb Base Bedside Table Lamp for Bedroom Living Room Decoration

Why would i say that?

First, Simple Design

simple design

1) Solid round plating metallic stand base, patterned fabric shade, metal support frame.
2) Creating concise and simple aesthetics for the modern interior design.

Second, E26 Bulb Base

With standard E26 bulb (not included) base, install any this type bulb (not included) for lighting.

E26 bulb base desk lamp

Third, Easy to Use

1) Comes with physical on/off cord switch and US standard plug.
2) Plug and play, no additional complicated installation work.

easy to install

Four, ON/OFF Switch

Comes with physical on/off linear switch and US standard plug.

This lamp application for creates comforting atmosphere for your bedroom, living room, desk table, bedside, hotel room, coffee shop, office, dormitory, bookcase, etc.  It can complements any bedroom or home office.

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