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DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas To Brighten Up Your Life

DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas To Brighten Up Your Life


diy outdoor lightingIf you are looking to brighten up your life, make your summer more exciting, looking to entertain outside or just want some creativity, fun and excitement in your life, then you may want to consider the option of DIY outdoor lighting. Simple homemade DIY outdoor lighting can literally transform your entire outdoors area into a fairytale wonderland.
There are many exciting lighting ideas to choose from. The fun part about it is that you can become seriously creative. Not only it is going to be safer, especially when you are entertaining, but it can also be more cost effect. Depending on the type of lighting which you want to choose, you can make it yourself for very low sums of money.
Here are some of the many ideas you can use:
•    Make your own paper bag lanterns.
•    Make your own wine bottle torch.
•    Make your own ice lanterns.
•    Make your own magical paper star lanterns.
•    Make your own cupcake lights.
•    Make your own hanging tea lights.
Let’s discuss each one in more detail:
diy outdoor lightingMake your own paper bag lanterns: These are very easy to make and simply requires you to cut small slits in paper bags; you then can proceed to cover string lights.
Make your own wine bottle torch: Instead of throwing your old wine bottles away, you can also turn them into funky torches. All that will be required is some basic materials and a wick.
Make your own ice lanterns: Ice lanterns are fabulous as they provide lots of light for your back yard. Plus they give off a wonderful fragrance and scent. This is besides the factor that they look beautiful.
Make your own magical paper star lanterns: If you are looking to create a magic and enchanted vibe on a budget, then this is the way to go. Many people choose to hang these high up in trees, to create a wonderful effect. They will make any outdoor area look amazing.
diy outdoor lightingMake your own cupcake lights: Cupcake lights are fun to make plus they look super cute. Basically all that is required is for you to cut a small X in the top of the liner and then make use of the bulbs, which are attached to a string of light to secure it.
Make your own hanging tea lights: This is one of the simplest things to do, but they are guaranteed to turn out looking magnificent. All that is required is to hang lights from a tree; you can become as creative as you want. Many people make use of all sorts of different color, ribbons and bows to add effects.
These are just some of the many ideas out there. Should you wish to become an expert in the DIY outdoor lighting crafts, then it may be worth your while to watch some online tutorial videos and to read some more on the subject. If you have a friend who is talented in the arts, then making it together can always be a fun and exciting project.

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