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Different Office Areas Should Have Different Lighting Options

Different Office Areas Should Have Different Lighting Options


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1.Front Desk

Front desk as a company window, not only show the strength, but also highlight the company’s own cultural connotation.

Office lighting requires a high brightness. LED downlight can be used as a office basic lighting and  we should focus more on the spotlights which lighting the background or feature wall.

front desk office lighting

2.Collective Office

Collective office covering the various functions of the company. In this space include computer operation, writing, telephone communication, thinking, work exchange, meeting and so on.

Lighting should use comfort for the design principles. Usually use a uniform spacing of the layout method and combine the ground functional area use the corresponding lighting fixtures. You can use some energy-saving downlights in the collective office area for passageway fill light.

Collective Office lighting

3.Public Passageway

The company’s passageway is used as a public area for connecting various departments. It’s lighting requirements are not high, only need meet the functional lighting. Generally according to the structure and height of the ceiling, using hidden lighting or energy saving LED downlight.

Public Passageway

4.Single Office Room

Single office room is generally used by management. The use includes regular work, small training and meetings. Lighting should be based on the main function, combined with space to create an atmosphere.

Single Office Room lighting5.Reception Room

The reception room as a sercice venue for meeting partners and customers. Create atmosphere is comfortable, relaxed, cozy and friendly. Lighting should highlight the customer friendly expression, so you can use a color temperature 3000k downlights.

Reception Room Lighting6.Conference Room

The conference room is the venue of the company’s major decision-making, including meetings, training, negotiation, video viewing, meet guest and other functions. Lighting should be used for different purposes, combined with intelligent control for a simple switch or mode selection, to achieve different functions on the scene lighting requirements.

You can use spotlight for wash wall lighting and provide funny ambient light for monotonous long-term conference environments. Combined with ceiling decorative structure, you can use suspended lamps or hidden lamps to form a light belt.

Conference Room lighting

Of course, best office lighting not only refers to lighting, it should also be competent for a variety of different needs.

Lighting EVER focus on creating the best lighting experience.

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