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Home Decorations with Contemporary Residential Lighting

Home Decorations with Contemporary Residential Lighting


contemporary residential lightingHome decorations are not limited to conventional pieces of arts such as painting, unique furniture pieces, colorful stickers, wallpapers, and so on. Thanks to modern technologies, now you can even find a variety of contemporary residential lighting designs and use them as decorations. LEDs can be considered the best choices for residential and commercial buildings thanks to their low-energy consumption and bright lights. Another important thing is that LED lights remain cooler compared to incandescent, allowing you to use many of them without being exposed to high heat. Contemporary residential lighting also offers a variety of good-looking designs to create both modern and artistic room in your house.

Strips of Lights
There are many places or furniture pieces where you can mount LED strips. These strips are relatively thin that they will not distract or reduce functions of furniture such as bookcases, shelves, round table, etc. LED strips are easy to install as well; moreover, such decorations are sold in one package that includes every accessory required for installation such as adhesive strips and spool. A sophisticated version with remote control is also available. You can mount the strips on stairways, doorways, and other architectural details to enhance aesthetic value.

contemporary residential lightingSpotlight
LED has directional light source, meaning you can put the light in any position to brighten specific spot in your room. On the other hand, fluorescent and incandescent bulbs generally produce light to all directions. If you have any artwork such as a painting on the wall and you want to make it as the main highlight of the room, putting a dimmable LED bar on top of it can be great idea. As added bonus, LEDs do not emit ultraviolet or infrared so materials such as paper and textile are not affected.

Colorful Room
Residential LEDs are available in many different colors. By blending multiple colors in many different places in your living room, you can turn an otherwise dull white atmosphere into a rainbow-like environment for special occasions. There is also a color-changing LED that can be controlled from a remote, allowing you to change the room color to create different atmosphere anytime you want.

LED for Pool
Light artwork is not limited to indoor environment, but you can also apply equally beautiful and colorful atmosphere in outdoor area, especially in pool. Contemporary residential lighting manufacturers offer completely waterproofed LEDs with IP68 rating, which means you can use it in the water. You can also control it with a remote and turn your pool into an interesting shiny artwork in an instant.

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