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Creative Lighting Designs for Your Room

Creative Lighting Designs for Your Room


In traditional concept, LED lights are nothing more than energy saving lights. Today we’d like to introduce several creative lighting designs which would be helpful for your lighting.

1. Yuletide Lamp

Yuletide Lamp
This Yuletide Lamp is a wall light that specially designed for Christmas by Chen Bikovski. The lamp just looks like a paper-folded antler when looking from the distance and may look like the ordinary ornaments when hanging on the bed sides. However, as long as it is turning on, it not only can give off warm beige light but also can map out the antler shape, as if Santa Claus is running toward you.

2. Lunaire Moonlight Shadow Lamp
Lunaire Moonlight Shadow Lamp
This moonlight shadow Lunaire lamp is designed by the French designer FerréolBabin, which can show you the whole process of solar eclipse. In fact, it consists of two concentric circles- the small circle has the built-in control system and light source, while the large circle is equivalent to a reflective disk, you can select the different lighting effects by adjusting the light in the small circle.

3. Starry Lamp
Starry Lamp
The Starry Lamp is designed by designer Anna Farkas. It can create a bizarre night sky for your room. It can allow you to enjoy the stars of nature as well as to enjoy your favorite constellation. Your bedroom has since turned into a small planetarium.

4. Handmade Paper Art Animal Lamp
Handmade Paper Art Animal Lamp
This is a handmade paper art animal lamp that designed by designers MaikPerfahl and WolfgangList. It uses 3D printing technology to create a variety of graphics so as to achieve vivid graphics.

5. CAP Lamp
CAP Lamp
Designer Claudio Castro has designed this CAP lamp, which is also known as the hat lamp. It seems like a mushroom from the distance. The cap hat is adjustable, which enable you to adjust the lighting angle as you like.

6. Recto Verso Lamp
Recto Verso Lamp
Designed by the designer Bina Baitel, this Recto Verso lamp can be rolled up like curtains. In fact, it looks like the IPAD shell at first glance. With the basic effect of the shade, the users can change the light intensities according to their demand, which can be properly rolled up or down.

7. Duality Lamp
Duality Lamp
This rotatable brightness adjustment Duality lamp is designed by the designers SotirisTsouris, JoshPalit, LukePennifold and HJC design studio. When it is rotary closed, it looks like an ordinary cylinder, but when it is rotary opened, i the brightness of the light will change according to the rotational amplitude.

8. Pendant Lamp
Pendant Lamp
Designed by Lefteris Tsampikakis, the design concept of this Pendant lamp is relatively simple. It is combined by simple metal and ordinary incandescent lamp. It can make your room more rich style though it is simple.

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