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Creative Desk Lamps for Your Night

Creative Desk Lamps for Your Night


Desk lamp is a necessity for those who like to reading or working at night. The illuminate area of a desk lamp is very limited but it does help to create a warm and secret privy space for us. Today, we’d like introduce to you some creative and lovely desk lamps.


owl woodcarving modelling desk lamp
Owl woodcarving modelling desk lamp – the Cartoon figure is very gracious. It is not only suitable for lighting but also perfect for decorating.


instrument theme desk lamp
Instrument theme desk lamp – the harp on the base and the staff on the lampshade compose a wonderful melody. The smooth lines are elegant and appealing.


American-style copper desk lamp
American-style copper desk lamp – the old rough surface reveals a strong vintage taste and the sense of the times. The bulb with unique shape is giving people a nostalgic idea.


gramophone shape desk lamp
Gramophone shape desk lamp – the lampshade of this desk lamp is very common, while the gramophone base is full of temperament and charm. The exquisite and vivid workmanship seems can instantly bring people back to that decade.


Q version rocket shape desk lamp
Q version rocket shape desk lamp – this desk lamp is modelling with the Q version rocket. The white light source looks like the tail that leaving by the rocket launcher, which is really a unique and creative idea.


feather and crystal desk lamp
Feather and crystal desk lamp – the soft feather together with the firm crystal make the lamp looks fantastic and beautiful. The light emits through the layers of the feather and brings people into a fairytale dreamland.


flower desk lamp
Flower desk lamp – the graceful curve of the spray just like the beautiful figure of a young girl, which is surrounded by safflower leaves. The plump big flower is the main light source of the lamp.


guitar base desk lamp
Guitar base desk lamp – a guitar props up a lamp. The metal panel is full of modern style, gives people pretty cool sense.

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