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Creating comfy establishment spaces with RGB LED strip

Creating comfy establishment spaces with RGB LED strip


When it comes to decorating any place of business, it’s important to make your bar or lounge looks its very best. This way, you’ll be able to impress and reel in more customers. But what if you’re a small-time business owner on a budget? Sure, you’d want to be able to create an aesthetically pleasing space that would rival the other establishments within the area. But have you considered doing some work on your own? Lighting plays a crucial role in improving a room’s overall atmosphere. A recent trend is the use of LED light strips because of their low cost. With that in mind, it’s quite possible to recreate your own dream room on your own instead of spending money on hiring an interior designer.

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Take into consideration the different types of LED strips. Firstly, there is an array of light colors to choose from. There are the basic warm white LEDs which are more generic in nature and not usually used in establishments like bars, lounges or clubs. RGB LED strip are preferable due to their ability to set moods and overall color spectrum. The strips also vary in the number of LEDs per meter. Depending on the function, you may need more or less light which will then affect your decision on choosing the right amount of LEDs per meter. They range from 30, 60 and 120 LEDs per meter. Take note that the higher or further away from walls/floors the strip will be, the more LEDs per meter you will need.

In the case of decorating your dream space, first take care of the furniture placement. We’ll be focusing on clever and convenient spots to place your LED light strips. Generally, we want to make your establishment look as eye-catching and appealing as possible. This means enough light to turn heads without being obnoxious. Some of the places where it’d be nice to put your lights on are behind furniture, the ceiling, kick plates, and along walls.

Many lounges have expensive-looking glass tables and sofas with light accenting the underside of the furniture. An alternative to this is to use the light strips on ordinary furniture. All you are going to need to do is line the edges of the bottoms of your chairs, tables and couches to recreate this look. Connect the light to a power supply and watch as the bright colors add a stylish “pop” with half the cost. Make sure you dim the main lights enough (or if you have enough LEDs for visibility, turn them completely off) to let the LEDs do their work.

If you have a bar, then don’t forget to draw some attention to your drinks by using the 12v LED strip to line the beer rack. This is one of the places where using different colors may actually help. Be creative in choosing the order and shades of your lights for each shelf. For example, form a gradient by adjusting the intensity of the lights and making them less and less bright as the shelves descend. Use different warm colors like reds and oranges if your establishment is mostly blue in order to create some contrast.

Good decor is a must of any business, as is wise spending for any start-up. By buying strip LED lights you save money by investing on a stylish and lasting light source. As for ingenuity, the sky’s the limit for decorating with LEDs. These products were made to catch the eye, and clearly show that given their many variations. Make your mark on your customers by being inventive with your LED lights usage.

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