Create Dramatic Lighting Effect with LED Landscape Lighting

December 6, 2014 by Sarah Longfellow

20w led floodlight

20w led floodlight

With colors and types rich in variations, LED landscape lighting can cater to different outdoor lighting requirements. In fact, the use of LED landscape lighting can be classified into two main purposes: decorative and functional. For decorative purpose, LED landscape lighting offers a variety of color choices and style options, for example, up-lighting to create ambient light in the entire region; down-lighting to shine targeted light from above; and colored LED lights to give off color washes and add dramatic effects. For functional purpose, LED landscape lighting is mainly used for safety and visibility. In a word, the use of LED landscape lighting can enhance the look of your garden to a whole new level.

In addition to its aesthetic and practical value, LED landscape lighting also benefits users in many other aspects, including longer life span to reduce cost of bulb replacement, energy conservation to reduce cost of electricity, no harmful emissions to damage environment, and so on. In comparison with LED landscape lighting, traditional landscape lighting often has burnout issues, voltage drop, and many other problems.

There are many kinds of LED lights that can be used as landscape lighting, but here we will just number one type as example illustration:outdoor LED flood lights.LED flood lights The given example is a 20w super bright outdoor LED flood light, capable of replacing a 200w halogen bulb, thus saving 90% on electricity bill. “Super bright” means its brightness up to 15oolm. It is daylight white, with a beam angle of 120 degree. It is shock proof and waterproof, with input voltage of 100-240AC. This light fixture comes with a yoke-style arm which can be positioned in almost any angle and a wide range of application settings. But before rushing to buy any of these LED landscape lighting, you must first evaluate your garden design so that you can get the right light compatible with the landscape.