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Create an Ambience with Residential Lighting Controls

Create an Ambience with Residential Lighting Controls


residential lighting controlsHaving a smart home nowadays is the in thing and trending fast. With the help of latest and advance technology now you can control the inside of your house with the touch of a button and stay wireless.  These controls are in terms of the following enhancements that are not a luxury but necessary and everyday requirement:
•    Security and surveillance
•    Ventilation, heating and air conditioning
•    Audio and video network
•    Remotely controlled blinds and curtains
While you can have all the above controls in your house let us not forget that you can as well monitor the lighting in your home with the help of adding residential lighting controls. With this system your home becomes an even better smart home if you are wondering what this term is for. There are lots of advantages which can be achieved by applying some residential lighting controls. Some of advantages not limited to the below listed are as follows:
•    According to the time, environment and visibility in a particular area of your home the light requirement keeps changing and if you have right controls then it is automatically adjusted in a particular area of your residence.
•    Helps in reducing your energy bills as you only utilize the required light whenever and wherever you need it.
•    This helps to comply with the local regulations in terms of any energy policy.
•    You become part of Go Green programs designed for conservation of energy.

residential lighting controlsHaving residential lighting controls system is a blessing. With this we can create any atmosphere we want with a touch of a button. Just imagine having just one type of light for every occasion is boring and does not suit with your mood and activity. You need to have different set of parameters of light supply for your living room, dining room, drawing room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, store and if you have a home theater as well. Having residential lighting controls systems allows you to personalize each activity in a specific area of your home.

You must be wondering how this system works. Well it is a network of few devices that you can install and connect if you want to according to your budget and taste. Especially if you are a DIY person then there is no better way to do it on a budget and give that personal touch you have been hiding somewhere inside you. Having said that, you always have an option to hire a contractor, designer or a consultant to refer to with your own design or ask him to make one for you from the scratch. It all depends on your understanding of the subject, its requirement and your budget.
All you have to do is select some adequate components that can be networked and do complement each other such as:
•    Timers and day light sensors
•    Detectors to notice any presence
•    Sensors to read temperatures
•    Wall panels and touch screens
•    Required Apps and programs
So there you go with a primer on residential lighting controls. Now you can visit our store and start selecting adequate lights for your dream home.

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