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Corridor Lighting Ideas

Corridor Lighting Ideas


Lighting source is an essential issue for corridors, especially small corridors. It can achieve through the sunlight as well as the proper lighting fixtures. Let’s take a look at several lighting fixtures that are suitable for corridor lighting.


ceiling lights
Ceiling Lights
Installing ceiling lights according to the structural beam of the corridor is most commonly method in engineering design. It is applicable to the staircases or corridors (especially outside corridors) of dormitories, apartments, residential, industrial, teaching buildings, etc. Ceiling lights are dustproof and have good sealing, which can avoid the small insects go into the lampshade. They are very suitable to be used on the outer corridors that have a lot of dust and mosquitoes. The illumination level of this lighting method is not high, but the cost is lower than other methods.


recessed lights
Recessed Lights
Using the LED recessed lights. This method is applicable to the corridors and stairs of dormitories, apartments and other residential buildings. LED recessed lights are warm low-power energy-saving lights which can create a warm, peaceful or romantic atmosphere so as to coordinate with the overall function of the building.


The light can change to wonderful pattern if putting a row of the small LED spotlights in a line. They not only can be placed around the ceiling or above the furniture but also in the wall, wainscot or baseboard.


wall lights
Wall Lights
Wall light is generally equipped with glass shade; it can make the light soft through the reflection of the wall and show different styles with different residential materials. The decorative effect of the wall light is generally more obvious than other lighting effect. Therefore, when it comes to the selection of wall lights, we must first take a look at the actual effect when it is installed on the wall before making the decision.

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