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Control Your Home’s Ambience with LED Color Changing Light Bulb

Control Your Home’s Ambience with LED Color Changing Light Bulb

led color changing light bulb
led color changing light bulb

Hopefully everyone is aware by now that LED lighting is the best option to lower electric bills, and reduce harmful emissions to the environment. I’m also guessing, then, that you’re aware of the bulb’s versatility, allowing functional lighting both indoors and outdoors, as well as at temperature extremes at both ends of the thermometer. But, were you aware of the LED color changing light bulb? Oh yeah, they exist alright! Not only do they exist (and are a perfect 10 on the scale of “All Things Awesome”), but the LED color changing light bulb provides any homeowner with the ultimate control of the feel of their home.
But this is more than just an advancement of that creepy, 1970s “mood lighting” vibe, in which required a separate bank of lights in different colors controlled by a traditional on/off switch. This made having lights that were of varying colors highly unpractical because of cost, and lack of functionality.
Today, not only are we capable of having color-changing capacity in just one bulb, but also we can control it remotely. Remotely! So, not only does it make you look cool (it does), it also allows for more ease of use, letting you control whole banks or sections of lights with the swipe of a finger.
This is where the idea of tone lighting comes in (sounds more “2014” than mood lighting, right?). Set the perfect tone for any particular event, such as for your media room, or season, like for Christmas and other holidays. What’s more, these babies are just as good at creating outdoor ambience as they are inside. For instance, try the waterproof, remote control-operated Dimmable 18W RGB Pool Lights from Lighting Ever, which will help create the perfect ambience for a warm summer’s evening.led color changing light bulb
No Pool? No problem! Lighting Ever offers a wide variety of outdoor flood lights, including the Remote Control 50W LED RGB Security Flood Light that comes in 16 different colors, 4 modes, and is also waterproof, so you can let the light flow, rain or shine. These lights are perfect not only keeping the bad guys away (and stay away they will), but also for illuminating trees and other structures. Trust me, you may buy a set for the Holidays, but once you see everything they can do, you’ll quickly start seeing all of the other ways that these flood lights can be used outside of the home.
So no matter your lighting needs, using an LED color changing bulb (or 10) will open your imagination to all that can be done to both improve, and enhance, the feel of your home. Oh, and don’t worry about buying these in bulk (you’ll want to), because by combining Lighting Ever’s low prices with the incredible 80% efficiency rating of an LED bulb, the feel of your wallet is sure to improve as well.

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