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Common mistakes when installing low voltage outdoor lighting

Common mistakes when installing low voltage outdoor lighting


low voltage outdoor lightingA great landscape can add a pleasant appeal to any home. But have you ever thought about giving your yard a luminous glow at night. Low voltage outdoor lighting can be used to light up paths, steps, dark zones and add an artful touch to your yard. A low voltage outdoor lighting system can give the yard and home a luminous glow and catch the attention of passersby also.
The lights are easy to install. They are safe also as they require a transformer to function. The power of the transformer lowers the standard voltage of the house i.e. 120 volts to 12 volts. Many times do-it-yourself handymen make mistakes that can shorten the lifespan of the lights as well as create a wrong ambiance in their yards.  Although the installation process is quite straightforward but here are 5 mistakes that can occur during the procedure.  They can be avoided easily but shouldn’t be taken lightly.
1.    Not keeping a voltmeter: Installing multi-tap lightning system requires owning a voltmeter. The gadget is important to monitor the amount of voltage that is distributed among each light. It is a good and safe idea to measure the voltage at each and every light fixture. low voltage outdoor lighting
2.    Waterproofing: A waterproof splice will help in preventing wire corrosion and ensure that the electric current flows through these splices and wires without excessive resistance. It is important to apply the correct splice as cable wires are buried underground.
3.    Underpowered fixtures: Dim or uneven lightning is a result of poor voltage drop. Use the 100/100 rule to correctly manage the lighting system. For example a halogen bulb has an acceptable voltage range of 10.5 v to 12v while LED bulbs have a voltage range of 9v to 15v. If the voltage is below the correct range or above it, then the bulbs can stop working earlier than expected or cause a fire.
4.    Poor results: Landscape lightning installed on the grass can create problems with the maintenance of the lawn. Keep the lighting fixtures and wires away from the area where they can be damaged by lawn mowers. It is also a good idea to place them where they are least exposed to low voltage outdoor lightingfertilizer and chemicals. Fixtures should be installed where they are hidden from view. Install them on flower beds where their source is hidden from view.
5.    Using poor quality fixtures: High quality lighting fixtures will improve the lighting and appearance of any yard. Always purchase moisture-sealed lighting fixtures that will provide long-lasting light.
Try avoiding these mistakes for the best results. If the process of installing the lights sounds like a difficult task for one, then taking help from a professional is a good idea.  A professional handyman can easily do their job and install a system that could last a lifetime. Check the internet for landscape lighting professionals in the area. Low voltage outdoor lighting is an investment. It is money well spent that can keep houses lighted for many years to come.


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