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Common Lighting Fixtures for Residential Lighting

Common Lighting Fixtures for Residential Lighting


Different lighting effects will be required for different areas and spaces. It is importance to know the characteristics of the lighting fixtures so as to select the correct lighting fixture for an area or space.


Chandeliers are available in a variety of types. Single-headed chandeliers and long chandeliers are the most common chandeliers in residential lighting. The single-headed chandeliers are widely used in bedroom and dining room while the long chandeliers are suitable for living room lighting. Chandeliers are generally installed at a height place and the lowest installation height should not be less than 2.2 meters. It is not advisable to select chandeliers that with plating since it will fade after a long time use. It’s better to choose chandeliers that are made of only one material. In addition, luxury chandeliers are the best choices for a duplex house. As for the general house, the simple chandeliers are the best choices.
Floor lamp


floor lamp
Floor lamps are often used for accent lighting and they are very practical in creating atmosphere for the corner of the house. Flood lamps with downward lights are suitable for reading and other activities. While for those with indirect lighting, you can create a whole home space atmosphere by adjusting the overall lighting effects. The lampshade of a floor lamp should be more than 1.8 meters from the ground. The lampshades of the floor lamps are available in different materials; you can select the one you like according to your own preference and decoration style.
Recessed light


recessed lights
The general recessed lights are down lights and ceiling lights. The main characteristic of recessed lights is space saving, which can reduce the sense of space pressure. They are direct lighting and generally used in low space such as the toilet in the regular residential lighting.
Wall lamp


wall lamps
Nowadays, the wall lamps are widely used and full of creativity. Wall lamps are very common in residential lighting. They are suitable for bedroom, bathroom lighting. The bulb of a wall lamp should be not less than 1.8 meters from the ground.
Desk lamp


desk lamp
Desk lamp is indispensable for the residential lighting. Desk lamps can be classified as decorative lamps, work lamps and eye protection lamps according to their functions. Decorative lamps are generally used for living room and bedroom lighting. Work lamps and eye protection lamps are used as work table lighting and learning table lighting.

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