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Collection of Creative Lighting Fixtures

Collection of Creative Lighting Fixtures


Do you feel your home is lacking of vigor and vitality? Why not lit up your home with those creative fixtures!

1. Lightning & Clouds Pendant Light

lightning clouds pendant light

cloud pendant light

clouds pendant light

This lightning & clouds pendant light is a great and romantic masterpiece of the designer! It is really cool to decorate a room with the cloud that far away in the sky. The lighting modes of the light can be changed according to the music and it can even create the circumstances of lightning and thunder.


2. Greenhouse Pendant Light

greenhouse pandent light

greenhouse light

The greenhouse pendant light is made of glass. You can grow any plant you like inside the light, which is very amazing! This pendant is not only suitable for your home; you can also take it to your office!


3. Page Turning Wall Light

page turning wall light

The page turning designed wall light is special, simple and funny. If you put it in your study room or bedroom, it can definitely make a big difference to your room!


4. Bear Sweets Pendant Light

bear sweets pandent light

The colorful bear sweets pendant light is really adorable and full of childlike. The children will be very delighted for having such kind of light in their rooms.


5. Ice Cream Pendant Light

ice cream pendant light

These ice cream pendant lights are made of ceramic. The smooth ceramic makes it look very cute and full of texture. It is also very suitable for children’s rooms.


6. Balloon Light

balloon pandent light

These lovely balloon lights are perfect for children. You can use them to decorate their playhouse or bedroom.


7. Book Desk Lamp

book desk lamp

book table lamp

This book desk lamp is a romantic design for those who like reading. It’s pretty cool to turn the lamp on/off by opening or closing the book! It can also be used as a night light!

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