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Choose the Right LED Pool Lights for Vivid Illumination Effect

Choose the Right LED Pool Lights for Vivid Illumination Effect


led pool lightsAlthough selecting a pool lighting fixture might seem to be a pretty standard task, today’s technological inventions and innovations in the design and manufacturing process of led pool lights make this once-easy decision more intimidating, especially for those who have never purchased and installed led pool lights before.
A swimming pool is an important component of a house. It affects the look and appeal of a residential property. A pool area is also a great backyard attraction for children and adults. Having a residential swimming pool means you can have private parties and other entertaining events all year round. To control the mood of your evening events, you can use led pool lights to create a vivid lighting artistry effect.
Today, if you are looking for the perfect led pool lights, you might have tons of questions in mind, thanks to the invention of smart and energy efficient pool lights. You might have to decide features such as: underwater or floating? Do you want it to emit single or multiple colors? Do you need the bulbs to emit a steady luminosity or do you want it to be color-changing? Should it provide narrow or wide pool coverage?
For homeowners who want to find the right pool lights that improve the look and feel of your swimming pool without burning a hole in your pocketbook, here’s a list of simple tips on how to choose the right LED pool lights.
led pool lights1. Decide to choose LED as led pool lights consume 80% less energy than traditional incandescent and halogen pool lights.You can use either 12- or 120-volt underwater led pool lights according to your specific pool design and preferences. On average, a 12-volt LED pool lamp can run for more than 1,000 hours before you need to buy a new one.
2. Create a blueprint of your dream pool. Many homeowners who bought a pre-owned property have a pool that was designed and built by the previous homeowner. Thus, you need to consider the role of your new LED pool lights and adjust your goals with the current swimming pool design. In the process, you might need to make some adjustments in the pool design or structure.
3.Check all safety precautions and know the structure of your pool inside-out. If your pool was built before 1968, it might not have the electrical standards needed to operate a safe and energy-efficient pool lights. You might want to contact a professional technician to do a thorough inspection of your swimming pool before you shop for led pool lights.
4. Once your swimming pool has been inspected and improved, the next thing is to use the blueprint to create a list of the lighting effects that you want and the right type of LED pool lights to match. For example, do you want to create a safe walkway around the pool? Do you want to create endless excitement by using pool deck jets with LED lights? Do you want to set the mood for the evening by using color-changing LED pool lights? These goals require different type of led pool lights.
5.Choose LED lights that are sturdy and long-lasting. Look for led pool lights with stainless steel caging and rubber gasket. Rubber gasket ensures the light bulb inside is properly protected for underwater uses. Make sure you buy the right lighting fixtures for each lighting purpose. and buy it from trusted manufacturers or distributors that stand behind their products. Shop around on the internet as most online stores offer LED pool lights at a cheaper price compared to brick-and-mortar shops and check to see if the store has a good return policy.
So that’s how you choose the right led pool lights to control lighting effects in a residential swimming pool. To save more energy, you might want to install a pool timer that will control pool lights as well as other essential pool fixtures such as pumps and filters. Install the right pool lights in your residential swimming pool and control the mood for your poolside parties and personal moments.


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