Choose the Right LED Flashlight Step by Step

January 5, 2017 by Sarah Longfellow


There are various kinds of LED flashlights ranging from large to small, high-end to low-end, expensive to cheap. Therefore, it can be an uneasy task to choose a right flashlight. In this article, we will list the steps for you to follow with, so that you can make your decision easily to fulfill your There are various kinds of flashlights ranging from large to small, high-end to low-end, expensive to cheap. Therefore, it can be an uneasy task to choose a right flashlight.needs.

LED Flashlights

LE LED Flashlight

Step 1 : What you want to use it for?

The first thing you need to do is thinking about is what you want to uses the flashlight for. Will you use it for general purpose use? Will you use it for camping? Or will you use it for search or rescue?

Step 2 : How much money you will spend?

The second thing to think about is how much money you are going to spend on the flashlight. If you want to get a flashlight only for general household use, a small and simple one priced around $10 to $20 would be perfect. But if you need a specialized, qualified one, you may pay over $100.

Step 3 : Consider how much brightness is right for you.

a) If you use the flashlight only for general purpose, then a small one with 100-300lm  brightness would be a good buy.

b) For camping, hiking or fishing, you could choose a more powerful flashlight with 300-1000lm.

c) If it’s for search or rescue, you will need to find a durable one with great brightness which is over 1000lm.

Step 4 : Decide which type of batteries to choose.

a) Conventional alkaline batteries are avail in supermarket; however, they must be replaced at times.

b) Disposable Lithium batteries such as CR123A have a longer runtime but are a little more expensive and harder to find.

c) Rechargeable batteries may be a good choice for qualified flashlights, but they are expensive.

10W Rechargeable LED Spotlight

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Step 5 : Decide the size and weight.

Then you need to decide the size and weight of the flashlights according to your personal preference. Notice that size and brightness are not in relevance; therefore, a larger and heavier one may not necessarily be brighter. Plastic housing is lightweight, while aluminum is more durable.

Step 6 : Choose the beam type which is right for your need.

There are 3 common options:

a) Flood (fixed): This is suitable for general purpose use.

b) Focused: This is good for you when finding a route.

c) Adjustable: You can range the beam width from wide to focused.

Step 7 : Check the light.

Take a look at the light it produces if you are allowed. Make sure the light is even, round and spread out.

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