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Choose High-quality Multi-colored LED Light Strips

Choose High-quality Multi-colored LED Light Strips


The LED strip lights market have many manufacturers and suppliers so that the prices can vary massively yet the products all look very similar. Buying Multi-colored LED light strips might seem twin straight forward, but there are actually many things you need to take into account. If you are looking for some Multi-colored LED light strips for home and other places decoration, but you don’t know the differences between high quality and low quality Multi-colored LED light strips, there Lighting EVER will help you solve this problem.

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Lighting EVER have been supplying all type of LED light strips from the very start and now have many years experience in the LED strips market. LE serve partners and customers from over 30 countries in Europe, North America, Asia via advanced IT technology and focus on high quality LED light strips with better lighting experience.

The following is a comparison of high quality and poor quality multi-colored LED light strips:

High Quality Low Quality
Life Over 50000 hrs Unknown:Brightness on the deteriote in as little as 2000 hours
Reliability Very reliable fit and forget product Unreliable due to poor manufacture and use of low quality LED’s
Brightness Up to 50% brighter Up to 50% less bright
PCB Thick 2 ounce PCB and 12mm wide for high wattage range Thinner PCB and less wide
Colour Mixes Deep richer colour mixes Poor colour mixing
Colour Consistency Colour consistent within reel and also reel to reel. Supplier will have batch bin codes Poor colour consistency with reels and also from reel to reel. Supplier will not have batch bin codes
CRI High CRI: Better richer colours; Better, stronger white Low CRI: Less rich colours; Less quality white
Heat Disserpation The thick PCB helps with long life. No aluminium extrusion is required for install to disper heat Thin PCB means Aluminium extrusion is required to disperse the heat
Soldering Quality High quality, reliable connections Poor quality unreliable poor connections
Voltage Correct voltage for the power. Uncorrect voltage for the power.

Finally, If you have any questions about how to choose and install LED light strips, please let us know.

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