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Car RGB LED Light Strip User Guide

Car RGB LED Light Strip User Guide


Thank you for your purchase. For a better experience, please use the Car RGB LED Light Strip according to the following instructions and retain this manual appropriately for future reference.
SKU: 7200007-RGB, 4×12 LEDs, 220x13x5mm/8.66×0.51×0.2in
7200008-RGB, 4×18 LEDs, 320x13x5mm/12.60×0.51×0.2in
LED Type: 5050 SMD
Wire Length: 2×1.5m/4.92ft + 2×1.2m/3.94ft
Input and Working Voltage: 12V DC
Lifespan: 50000 hrs.
Components and Structure
components and structure
1. LED Light strips    2. Wire    3. Controller box    4. Sound sensor    5. Cigarette lighter adapter    6. Power button    7. IR Sensor
20-key Remote Controller Instructions
20-key remote controller
How to use
1. Please make sure the power is off before installation.
2. Peel off the adhesive tape and stick the light strip onto a proper surface.
3. Insert the cigarette lighter adaptor into the cigarette socket and press the power button.
4. Pull out the insulation sheet from the remote control.
5. Aim with the remote control at the controller box and use it to switch on/off the LEDs as well as to change the lighting modes.
1. The distance of the remote control is 3-5m in a barrier free situation.
2. Due to the memory function, the light strip will automatically resume to the previous stat when restarted.
3. This product can also be power by a regular adaptor (DC12V/1A).
4. This product contains a CR2025 button cell battery, please replace and dispose it properly when required.
5. The product is under warranty for 1 year beginning on the date of purchase. If you require assistance, please contact customer service.

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