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Camping Lanterns for Your Graduation Trip

Camping Lanterns for Your Graduation Trip


It’s almost graduation season, are you ready for your graduation trip? There are many ways and many places that you can get celebration for your graduation. Camping is an easy and inexpensive way that you can celebrate with your buddies. Whenever you are planning on your camping trip, there are a few pieces of equipment that are absolutely essential: tents, sleeping bags, food, and of course, a camping lantern. Below are our best sell camping lanterns that you can take into consideration for your trip.


600lm Rechargeable Camp Lantern  led camp lantern with 2 detachable mini handy flashlight torch


Rechargeable Camp Lantern LED with 2 Detachable Mini Handy Flashlight Torch

This portable lantern is perfectly suitable for camping. With the built-in rechargeable batteries (USB cable and car charger included), you can take it anywhere you need a handy light. You can also add 3 D size batteries to the lantern, never need to worry about power run out of the built-in battery. There are two removable small flashlights that come with batteries provided, you can take them off and used as standalone flashlights. This is handy when camping and there are more than one person need a flashlight. It also comes with durable metal hooks with anti-skid rubber, which allow you to hang it to a tree branch, bike or the loops in the top of your tent. Moreover, with the small compass on the top of the main part, you can easily tell which way you are facing when camping.


1000lm dimmable portable led lanternled portable lantern

1000lm Dimmable Portable LED Lantern

With the 3 D batteries as power supply, you can carry the light to any place where you need a bright handy light. With the 3 brightness modes, you can select the brightness according to your need. This camp lantern also comes with a hook at the base, which enables you to hang it upside down, and you can even take the top off to get better light. It has a little blinking light on the front side, making it easy to find and helping to keep you from stumbling around in the dark as you move from one place to the other at night.


rechargeable-led-camping-lantern small portable camping lantern

Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern, 3 Lighting Modes

If you are prefer a little portable lantern, and then this small rechargeable Lantern is a great choice for you. With the built-in rechargeable batteries, you can take it anywhere you like after fully charged. At the same time, there is an USB port (beneath the battery indicator) to charge your phone. You can charge your mobile devices that you need to on the go. Most of all, the diameter of this lantern is only 2.76*2.48in and it is of a light weight (0.39lb/176g) which make it very easy to pack and carry for traveling.

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