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Bring an Air of Sophistication to Your Home with Outdoor Pole Lights

Bring an Air of Sophistication to Your Home with Outdoor Pole Lights


outdoor pole lightsThere are many ways to lighten up the areas surrounding a home. Depending on the strength of lighting needed and the ambience a person wishes to create, they have the choice of several different lighting types. One of the most popular ways to illuminate a garden or surrounding area is with the help of outdoor pole lights. Outdoor pole lights aren’t just for providing security to a neighborhood that would otherwise be in darkness. They can also be used in all sorts of places such as gardens, home alley ways, and areas around the outside of the home.

Why This Type Of Lighting?

Everybody has their own unique idea of how they want their home to look and feel. That’s because everybody has their own style of living, and their own social life to enjoy. Matching a home to a person’s personality style is one of the best ways to make it feel just that: homely.

For those that prefer the sophisticated appearance, outdoor pole lights will make a wonderful addition to their property. Coming in a wide range of styles, these lights stand proudly wherever they’re placed, and illuminate the surrounding area with a warm, welcoming glow.

Varieties To Choose From

As with most types of outdoor lighting, various styles exist from which to choose from. Depending on the furniture already fitted around the home, and the style in which it has been built, several varieties of pole light will be suitable for any one person.

The most popular types currently being sold include Victorian styled lamps, old-fashioned looking lamps, rustic designed lamps and modern looking lamps. Some architects build a house with these outdoor pole lamps already installed. Once fittings have been set up, changing the style of lamp is possible, and isn’t as big of a job as it may seem.

Residential Considerations

As outdoor pole lamps are used within the confines of an individual’s property, they can be placed virtually anywhere without the worry of upsetting neighbors. There is naturally no need for planning permission of any sort to fit them, meaning they’re ready to be purchased then installed.

What makes them attractive options, aside from their aesthetic appeal, is their versatility. These illumination devices look exceptional as additions to a walkway, by the home’s gates, by the veranda or by the gazebo.

outdoor pole lightsInstallation

Depending on which manufacturer you choose to buy your pole lights from, and which model you buy, you’ll encounter a different installation requirement. Some, such as those found on Lighting Ever, come pre-wired, making fitting them considerably easier. Others require more expertise to fit, and may even need some minor excavation work performed before they can be added to their desired location. Either way, installation is still relatively straight forward and without complications. Those desiring an easy-fit option should pick the type pre-wired to make life easier for them.


Any outdoor lighting system should be durable. Needing to replace the features soon after purchasing would indicate a bad investment. Outdoor pole lights, on the whole, are very durable and capable of withstanding the elements. However, special considerations for brand quality should be made. The lanterns themselves are very stable and safe, meaning they are reliable choices for families with young children. Wiring is carefully positioned, meaning it isn’t a hazard and won’t cause the tripping up of anybody wandering passed. Using a combination of aluminum, iron and other metals means the poles are able to withstanding harsh wind and rain for years to come.

Add Sophistication To The Garden

A look in any fashionable home decoration magazine will show numerous examples of outdoor pole lights being used to add style and sophistication to a home. As already mentioned, with their vast versatility, the uses for them are virtually endless. Sales figures indicate their popularity is increasing further, meaning they aren’t a lighting feature that looks to be going out of fashion any time soon. Perfect for viewing flowers at night, keeping the home well lit, and lighting up the garden for dinner parties, the outdoor pole light adds a cosmopolitan touch to any home in any location that one can be found in.

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