Home Outdoor Lighting IdeasBrief intro and ideas that can save you a lot on rope lights outdoor
Brief intro and ideas that can save you a lot on rope lights outdoor

Brief intro and ideas that can save you a lot on rope lights outdoor


rope lights outdoorRope lights outdoor, called optical cable lights, small lights, available in either incandescent or LED bulbs, located about an inch apart and surrounded by clear, flexible PVC pipes. They are water-resistant, strong, durable and easy to install. Rope lights are intended to provide ambient lighting and space to focus and decoration themes spanning large areas. Rope lights outdoor have transformed the lighting industry, giving users more flexibility and creativity in design and decoration of their homes, offices and even boats and cars.
Incandescent rope lights
Incandescent rope light bulbs use white or clear or colored outer shell, and are relatively inexpensive. They last about 25,000 hours, there are two – year life expectancy and use 3 watts per foot. Incandescent bulb produces heat, so should not be used in areas where the rise is a problem. Incandescent rope lights are available in more color options than LED rope lights
LED rope lights
LED rope lights use colored bulbs and clear PVC jacket.They are brighter than incandescent rope light, due to the special spiral they contain, but twice as expensive. However, they are more durable, last about 100,000 hours and produce very little heat. They also use 1 watt per foot, which makes them more energy efficient than conventional rope lights.
Lamps and LED rope lights are available in different variants of white, red, green, blue, yellow, gold, amber, purple, pink and multicolored. Styles include those that change color, flash and move (chasing rope light). Rope lighting decoration aluminum frames and come in different shapes, like a Christmas tree, palm tree, flamingos or cactus. Rope lighting the framework, providing added decoration indoors and outdoors.
Indoor use
Rope lights can be used in your home or office where standard electric candles are used by placing them behind an object, creating a soft and attractive accent lights. They can also be used as a perimeter lighting, where the contours of the rope or enveloping the object to identify and draw attention to it, living rooms, home theaters around desks, stairs and railings. Rope light 120 volt recommended for indoor use.
Outdoor use
rope lights outdoorRope lights can be used to bring light to the fore, using a unique space as the main focal point. They can be twisted and bent in interesting shapes, figures or sculptures; used as architectural accents on facades of buildings, staircases, stair railings, windows, stages, exhibitions, displays, pools, spas, patio areas and landscapes. You can even use rope lights to decorate your boat or car. Use 12 – volt or 24 volt rope light when placed on a vehicle, since it will be powered by batteries.
Hardware and duration
Rope lights are available 20 – 40 – 150 – foot length, and different sizes of the sheath. The casings of greater diameter are more durable, but less flexible. Rope lights can be purchased in pre-cut lengths and short segments, allowing the units to be linked to the achievement of the desired length. They can be purchased in bulk rolls, cut and spliced together, if necessary, using a scissor brands and icons out of rope. Inline splicing and T-connectors are used to connect the ropes together.
Although rope lights outdoor are encased in a clear epoxy resin, they should not be immersed in water. Rope lights are vulnerable to water infiltration in their relations when continuously exposed to water and may pose a risk shock. Be careful in heavy use situations, decorating outdoors or in damp, moist areas. The LED rope light should be used in areas where overheating is a concern or when placed in enclosed spaces.


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