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Best Off Road Lights Reviews

Best Off Road Lights Reviews


When it comes to offroading, you need the best LED offroad light bars possible. If you’ve driven on a dark moonless night, then you will find the right led off road lights why so important? LED off road lights can provide a brighter, broader and penetrating beam of light ahead, behind or to the side. And they provide a significant advantage for night driving or when illuminating trails, campsites or work areas.

Finding the best LED off road lights on the market is not a simple task. So in this article I am going to go over the best LED off road lights.

1.108W 9 Inch Automotive LED Light Bar, 10800LM

108W 9 Inch Automotive LED Light Bar

This is a super bright spotlight, output high brightness of 10800 lumens and the three rows of work light is made of 36pcs *3w high intensity led, concentrated spot beam illuminates to further distance, allowing you to see the front side more clearly at the dark night.

This led light bar die-cast aluminum alloy heat sink guarantees an efficient heat dissipation and contributes significantly to the product’s longevity of 50,000 hours.

This led light bar are offered in a 6000-6500k color temperature and a wide variety of sizes. You can even pick from straight and curved configurations to suit your unique needs.

Price: $32.99, Save Over 55%

2.72W OSRAM Automotive LED Light Bar, Pack of 2 Units

72W OSRAM Waterproof IP67 LED Driving Lights Automotive

This product easy to install and dirt cheap, up to 7200 lumen with IP67 rating means that the LED light can effectively resist water and dust, can be used in heavy rain or snow day,avoiding moisture and condensation. These are definitely good enough to keep you safe while you’ re off roading.

The adjustable bracket makes changing direction of light beam more easily, making your lighting more flexible and convenient.

Price: $29.55(Pack of 2 Units), Save Over 58%

3.180W 12-inch Off Road LED Light Bars

180W Off Road LED Light Bars For Trucks

This 12inch 180w LED is the other stunning off-road light bar. You can place it confidently on the front bar of your vehicle. You will get better visibility because it is a very powerful Light Flood Spot Combo Light Bar. The size of this light bar is 12 inches, which is enough for getting great visibility even in the darkest places. You will also get screws and mounting brackets along with this light bar. Thus, you can attach it very easily on your vehicle.

These off road light have waterproof IP67 rating, high hardness anodized surface for long term use.

Price: $37.99, Save Over 55%

4.4800lm 60W LED Light Bar, CE/RoHS/FCC Listed

4800lm 60W Light Bar For Truck

This 60w led light bar offers bright lighting with 4800 lumen and ip68 waterproof gives you a safe using environment outdoor. Advanced LED chips give out bright and white ray for clear visibility. This aluminum stainless steel bracket looks premium with 50000 hours working time. These lights no harms to battery and save gas, longer valid irradiation distance than normal halogen bulb.

Price: $29.55(Pack of 2 Units), Save Over 58%

5.36W 4-Inch Waterproof OSRAM LED Driving Spot Light

36W 4-Inch Waterproof IP67 LED Light Bar

These lights with the most exclusive Osram QUAD row design, these 4” light cubes emit 6000-6500k bright white light, delivering 36w & 3600lm effectively light up the forward dark road, turn night into day. IP67 waterproof rate means they can effectively resist water and dust, avoiding moisture and condensation. These lights adjustable bracket makes changing direction of light beam more easily. All led off road lights we promise 2 years warranty.

Price: $25.99(Pack of 2 Units), Save Over 55%

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