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Best LED Flashlight 2018

Best LED Flashlight 2018


This is Lighting EVER LED adjustable focus mini tactical flashlight. In this paper we will tell you why to choose it.

High Powered Mini LED Flashlight

High Quality

Heavy-duty skid-proof aluminum alloy body, scratch and fade resistant. Premium LED chip as lighting source with good brightness performance, up to 140lm. LED lifetime can be over 50000 hours, long service in use.


The flashlight comes with 3 mode settings, including high brightness, low brightness and flash in daylight white color light.

Choose the mode for meeting your various light application.

3-Mode Settings


The package comes with 4 units LED flashlights with adjustable beam focus feature.

Focus is controlled by pulling the head. Spot and flood beam are both available.

led flashlight zoomable

Water Resistance

Comes with IP44 waterproof rating, allowing using outdoor rainy day, but no water immersion.

waterproof led flashlight

Handy Use

Come in mini pocket size, easy to carry and handy to use.

handy use


The LED flashlight uses three AAA.

Adjustable Beam

The LED flashlight beam can be adjusted from very tight to very wide.


The LED flashlight has a recessed glass lens that will be relatively hard to damage.

In short,

If you need a flashlight that you can tether to your wrist to keep your hands free;

If you want a gentle beam that won’t reduce your night vision;

If you want a sharply focused beam that will shine bright over a long distance;

If you want a well crafted product;

If you want a smaller flashlight that will fit easily in a pants pocket;

The LE LED flashlight is best choose.

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