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Best Guide for Buying LED Flood Lights For Outdoor

Best Guide for Buying LED Flood Lights For Outdoor


IP65 Waterproof LED Flood Light

Outdoor LED flood lights are generally used for a lot of reasons, whether is to light a building, a field, car park, garden or any similar terrain. In some cases, they can be used as an accent or task lighting and security lighting. In this article, we will go through the different types of floodlights specs which will greatly help you towards the correct choice.

When it comes to filament lighting, the bulb wattage and the light that is produced are connected with each other. Outdoor LED flood lights are not like that. If you take two outdoor LED flood lights that have the same wattage they can emit different amounts of light, which relies on the energy efficiency.

The light source that is used by the floodlight will certainly affect your buying choice. However, each technology has its own strengths. For instance, outdoor LED flood lights are 90% more efficient with energy that the normal halogen lights. Additionally, they operate in very cold temperature up to -20 C and have resistant ance to shock or vibrations. Their longevity makes the LED lights the perfect choice for those tricky places and at the same time reducing the maintenance cost.

On the other hand, halogen floodlights add more to your energy bill thus making them more expensive. They emit light nearly on the same level of the LED lights, they are thing of the past, which will certainly be replaced by LED lights.

70W LED Floodlight

One aspect that you should pay attention when buying an outdoor LED flood lights is that it needs a containment of light. For example, if your neighbour’s house is close to yours the light will probably may bother them. Generally, most of the floodlights create a wide beam of light. The angles can be different for each light, but you can have control by making sure the power is enough and it is positioned perfectly. It can be said that LED floodlights have that naturally and cut the output perfectly.

LED flood lights will bright you exterior for both security and aesthetic reasons, while they come with more sleeker and attractive design. So take your time, pick the right one LED floodlights that will make your backyard more functional and more beautiful.

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