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Best 5 Questions & Answers About LED Light Strips

Best 5 Questions & Answers About LED Light Strips


LED light strips can make you to get creative anywhere in your indoor and outdoor by their flexibility and versatility.

This article answers some of the most common questions about LED light strips. Don’t see yours below?

12v led light strip kits waterproof

  1. What is the difference between 3528 and 5050 LED light strips?

Differences 1: Specifications – 5050 LED light strips LED chips are 5.0mm x 5.0mm. 3528 LED light strips specifications for the 3.5 * 2.8mm;

Differences 2: Brightness – 5050 strip lights more brightness than 3528 strip lights.

Differences 3: Shape – 5050 LED light strips shape is based on the needs of the market and production. The shape is square. 3528 LED light strips is rectangular. So 5050 LED light strips circuit board is wider than 3528.

(More details please read at: What Is The Difference Between 5050 And 3528 LED Strip Lights?)

  1. Are LED light strips cut and connect?

Yes, LED light strips very easy to cut and connect.

How to cut the LED light strips?

1) Please cut the LED strip through the lines marked on it.

2) The 12V low voltage LED strip can be cut in every 3 LEDs.

How to connect the LED strip in series

  • Please use the strip connectors (included in the packing box) to connect two parts of cut down LED strip light.
  • Please make sure the positive and negative of two LED strip parts be connected correctly.
  • To guaranty the lighting uniformity of both the front and the end of LED strip, please do not connect the led strips in series more than 5m.
  • Connect the DC plug of adapter into the DC port of the whole series-connected strip light.
  • Connect the adapter into main sockets to power it on.

(More details please read at: LightingEver Lampux Low Voltage LED Strip Light User Guide)

rgb led strips

  1. Can LED Strip Lights be used outdoors?

You can get non-waterproof and waterproof LED light strips. Waterproof LED light strips can be used as a flexible Outdoor Lighting solution. Lighting EVER LED light strips have IP65 protection rating.

  1. Are LED light strips safe?

LE lampux low voltage LED light strips working voltage is 12V, extremely low heat. It is touchable and safe to children.

  1. Are LED light strips dimmable?

Yes, LED light strips have dimmable and no-dimmable, so you need to make sure you buy the right one.(Lighting EVER offers multi-colored dimmable LED strip lights)

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