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Benefits of LED lighting in your home

Benefits of LED lighting in your home


residential led lightingThere are many benefits within residential LED lighting, and switching to LED bulbs in and around your home. Whether you are looking to light up your front yard, or your living room, LED lights can start saving you time, money, and energy today!

One of the biggest benefits to residential LED lighting, compared to other options such as incandescent, is the incredible long-lasting lifetime which they hold to their name. LED lights will eventually start to fade out in their brightness with time, but you will be replacing them much, much less often – LED bulbs can last up to 100 full hours of operation before they need replacing. Another top quality that LED lighting hold, is their amazing energy efficiency rate. Compared to former methods of lighting, LED light bulbs can save you an immaculate amount of money each year making them the most efficient form of lighting.

residential led lightingWhen you make the switch from your outdated and costly light bulbs, to energy efficient LED bulbs, you aren’t just helping yourself but you are actually helping the environment as well. CFL (conventional fluorescent lighting) bulbs commonly contain harmful and dangerous chemicals, such as mercury and/or argon gas, and small unseen spurts of UV (ultraviolet) light are released when the gases react with the electricity. With incandescent light bulbs, the light is produced by heating a filament inside the bulb to extreme high temperatures, resulting in a glowing effect. Now, the way LED bulbs function is quite different, and very unique, compared to the two prior forms of lighting just discussed. LED lights consist of electrons which break down and recombine themselves with electron holes; this act of science creates a release of energy in the form of photons, therefore illuminating the bulb.

As you can see, there are many benefits behind utilizing residential LED lighting, both for you and our planet earth. On top of all the other advantages we’ve already discussed, LED bulbs are also extremely durable, and can withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures. They disperse light more efficiently and effectively when used properly, compared to CFL or incandescent bulbs. You will also find instant light with LED bulbs, and you don’t have to worry about how many times you switch them on or off – the lifetime of LED bulbs aren’t affected like other bulbs by the power switch being flicked too many times. The pros of switching to LED bulbs will by far outweigh any cons you may find, when it comes to residential LED lighting you will be saving your hard earned money, your valuable time, and helping to preserve our beautiful planet earth, all at the same time.

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