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LED Curtain Window Lights for Your Wedding

LED Curtain Window Lights for Your Wedding


Wedding is one of the most important occasions in one’s life. Every girl will certainly yearn for a fairy tale wedding. While so much is invested in wedding dresses, floral arrangements and champagne, the right lighting can be the key aspect that provides a perfect backdrop to the celebrations. LED curtain window light, which has a simplicity that many consider romantic, is the perfect option for your big day. Take a note from these curtain window lights to inspire your own decorating.



Warm White Window Curtain Lights

If you prefer a warm and comfortable atmosphere for your weeding, the warm white window curtain lights are the best choices.


warm white curtain lights,warm white window curtain lights

9.8*9.8ft Warm White Window Curtain Icicle Lights

The source of the 9.8*9.8ft warm white window curtain icicle lights is a row of LEDs, which disperses light very well and provides powerful yet even light without harsh glare or shadows so that you can barely see the string. The multiple settings enable you to select the mode you want for your big day.


warm white curtain lights

9.84*19.68ft Warm White LED Window Lights

The 9.84*19.68ft warm white window curtain lights would be a great alternative if the 9.8*9.8ft light is not wider enough for your wedding site. With the warm white bright light, these lights can added a great glow to wedding reception and make your dream wedding décor a reality.

Daylight White Window Curtain Lights

Compared to the warm white lights, the daylight white lights can add a gorgeous ambiance to your wedding site.


daylight white curtain window lights
9.8*9.8ft Daylight White Window Curtain Icicle Lights

With the power plug, the 9.8*9.8ft daylight white window curtain icicle lights are very easy installed. They can create a wall of lights operating as a single unit. This type of lights not only can offer the glamorous effect but also safety with the 4.5 watts low power LEDs and heat insulated copper wire to keep the light in cool temperature.


daylight white window curtain lights

9.84*19.68ft Daylight White LED Window Lights

As the title stated, these 9.84*19.68ft daylight white LED window lights are long length and width and shine brightly, but not overpowering. There are many different settings – from slowly going on and off to fast random flashing. What a lovely and romantic look they give. You can even reuse them for other events in the future.
Here are but a few recommendations to get your creative juices going so that you can transform your wedding lighting into the perfect setting for your dream wedding day. We truly hope that these LED window lights can inspire you.

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