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Battery LED lights for the Holidays

Battery LED lights for the Holidays


battery led lightsBattery LED lights have seen a boom of popularity over the past few years due to their energy and eco-friendly efficiency.  In fact, Battery LED lights use up to a tenth of what traditional incandescent lights use.  This low-energy profile allows for much longer lifespans and lower failure rates, too.
LED Types
Some basic info about LED lights: you have plain white LEDs and color LEDs.  The color LEDs refer to the light that they emit, not just the color of the plastic casing, as with traditional xmas lights, for example.  It’s because of this that makes Battery LED lights very attractive for festive decorating.  The color will not fade over time, as with plastic colored light casings.  In fact, a wider color spectrum can be displayed with the combination of LED lights and a blend of color casings, offering more subtlety.
Popular LED lights
Now that the holiday season is upon us, most people really start looking into buying LED lights, although it is always best to look at holiday items in the off season, you’ll find the selection of lights to be virtually endless, especially online stores like www.lightingever.com.  Let’s take a quick look at two of the most popular types of LED lights and what to expect when making the switch from incandescent to LED.
fairy lightsFairy Lights
One of the festive favorites out there are the solar fairy LED lights.  Fairy lights are LED lights that are grouped together like a bushel or collection of fireflies.  The effect is magical, especially with some holiday flair added to them.  Even without that, these solar powered LED fairy lights are an excellent illuminator for the garden all year long.  Typically, solar fairy lights can pack a bigger punch than most garden lights and they can even be implemented to be used as security lights.  Don’t let the funny name fool you, these are highly efficient outdoor lights.
Light Strips
led stripNext would have to be the second most popular battery LED lights to be ordered during the holidays: LED light strips.  The best thing about these strips is that they are so much easier to apply to your home than those old, delicate, and finicky string lights.  Most LED light strips are also waterproof, giving you even more reason and possibilities of applications than just a few months out of the year.
On a final note, with all the possibilities of new battery LED lights on the market, you might save a lot of time and money checking with professional LED light services to get a survey of your needs and options available.  Then, get a professional to install and explain things to you and your LED light investment will probably pay itself back 20-fold over its lifespan.  Not to mention, because LED lights run so much cooler than other lights, you will be insuring a safer environment for you and your family.  Have a safe and LED-bright holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

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